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Doomonstration by Nasty Bugs [web]

Doomonstration by Optimus

This is it. Finally, I have finished this shit ;p
Plasmas, raster bars, stars, bitmap warp and the partyplace of Gardening, ReAct and Pixelshow meets Doom!!!

I am prolly trying to win the "most obscure wild platform" competition or something :)

This needs Doom. And not even Doom. Ultimate Doom I'd say. And not even the old engine.
Well,. it was supposed to work in the old Doom engine.. (Doesn't use any Zdoom effects,
all effects made with regular level editing tricks and additional gfx, but due to the
extreme detail to achieve some effects (too many line segments of length 1,
too close and parallel to each other), made my WAD to crash in the old engine.)

I test my WADs with Zdoom, so Zdoom probably works fine. Other ports may do so..

   The wild demo runs by typing:
	zdoom -file doomonstration.wad -playdemo doomonstration.lmp
Or simply by running the batch file provided.

   You can play the map by typing:
	zdoom -file doomonstration.wad
There is (almost) nothing to kill. Or try to find the hidden part..

These files should be inside your primary zdoom directory in order to work.
Also, the file DOOM.WAD from ultimate doom is needed, even if this map starts in E1M1
(I had replaced the SKY4 texture from Ultimate Doom for an effect, that's why ;P)


p.s. Wild WAD editing goes on..
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