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Trocken by Bauknecht [web]


				T R O C K E N

				-Zyprexa 2.0-



                              released at Breakpoint 2005

A demonstration brought to you by:

MAD/BAUKNECHT ...................................... coding
NERO/LKCC .......................................... gfx and screenplay
PIXTUR/LKCC ........................................ 3d, gfx, sync and scripts
SIRE/BAUKNECHT...................................... lyrics and track

This is the party-version; the final version including multilingual lyrics will
be out soon ;)

Feel free to contact us:

Stefan - Mad - Mader     / st.mader@gmx.de
Thomas - pixtur - Mann   / thomas@pixtur.de / www.pixtur.de
Rainer - nero - Mühr     / nero@greyworld.de
Christian - Sire - Melsa / c_melsa@gmx.net

Greetings to:

Cynic, Helge ^ Haujobb
Mr.Pet ^ Einklang
Ryg, Gizmo, Chaos ^ Farbrausch
Sharon, Digisnap ^ Matrix
Admiral ^ Elyssis
all / Lkcc 

Respect to:
The Black Lotus
Moppi Productions
Adromeda Software Syndrome

For those of you who don't understand German well we are so kind to hereby deliver
a translation of the lyrics. By the way, they are a bit inspired by the work of 
Paul Celan, a man who also suffered as well by the mental disease which the 
medical product called Zyprexa actually is a modern antidote for. If you take a
look on our handles, it's not that hard to tell who of the creators of this
production are directly concerned here. 


Es dreut nicht mehr des Himmels Leere
Das Blütenmeer streut keuschen Duft
Die Sonne streichelt, brennt nicht laenger
Die Erde gründet, wankt nicht mehr
Genuegsam ordnen sich die Farben
Reiche Demut schneit herab
Bedeckt befriedend Dimensionen
Des Zerrbildspiegellabyrinths

zyprexa hält die Stimmen fern
Das Geisterohr macht es schwerhörig
Und die Dämonen sind gezähmt
Begraben sind die wilden Zweifel
Hirnmuskelspasmen kontrolliert
Irrlichter ausgeblasen und erloschen
Strukturen gänzlich neuer Art
Wachsen hervor und treiben an

Statt Strudeln aufgewühlter See
Der Sturm gebannt, Gewalten ruhen
Die Wirklichkeit, sie fügt sich
Statt wirrer Linien: Harmonie
Ins hier gehoben, diese Schicht der Welt
Ein inverser Drogenrausch hilft atmen
Und einst verletzende Krebsdiamanten
Weichen Kristallen klaren Glanzes

Sky's emptyness is no more threatening
the blossom sea spreads chaste aura
the sun caresses, no longer burns
the earth, it grounds, no more staggers
modestly the colors order
rich humility snows down
peaceningly covers dimensions
of the distorted mirror images maze

zyprexa keeps the voices afar
makes the ghost ear hard of hearing
and the demons are tamed
buried are the wild doubts
brain muscle spams controlled
fenfires blowed out and extinct
structures of a completely new kind
grow out and drive

instead of a distraught sea's swirls
banned is the storm, forces rest
the reality, it fits in itself
instead of confused lines: harmony
lifted into the here, this layer of the world
and inverse drug trip helps breathing
and once hurting cancer diamonds
back for crystals of clear shine

Suggested hardware:

500MHZ+ &&  512mb+ && (gforce4 || ati9600)+
no pixelshaders required

Tested on:

P4 / 700mb / Nvidia 4200TI 128mb -> fine
PM / 1024mb / ATI M9700 64mb -> fine
P4 / 256mb / Nvideo 4200TI -> long precompute
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