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I Feel Like I Could by Spinning Kids [web]

I feel like I could (Spinning the Balls) - (C)1997 Spinning Kids, Italy


  Probable final version.

  Supported video modes are 320x200 with 32, 24, 16, 15 bits (without
  dithering) and 8 bits (with dithering). VESA 2.0 LFB required.

  Only Gravis UltraSound supported.

  WARNING: DON'T RUN UNDER WINDOWS 95, it won't work... don't know why (and i
           i don't want to know, too).

Additional greetings:

  Pascal           - Used his TinyPlayer.
  Tran & Daredevil - Used their PMODE/W.

  Other groups:

    Neural Activity
    Control Unit
    The Bermuda Triangle

Additional infos:

  - Dynamic resolution channger, based on 80x50, till 320x200. Tries to render
    (if possible) 12 fps on every machine, so, with about a P400, all the
    intro will be rendered in FULL 320x200 at 12fps.

  - REAL TRUE COLOR, rendered on a 32 bit frame buffer, and scaled to first
    available 320x200 resolution. Dithered in 8 bit mode (13h).

  - Texture and Bump mapping
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