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Minimalistic Crap by Plastic [web]

-= Minimalistic Crap by Plastic =-
A release for the PDRoms Coding Competition 2003.

To run this you need a Gamepark32. Place the MINICRAP.FXE file in the 
GP:\GPMM directory on your GP32 SMC, then run it with Freelauncher, 
Pacrom or any other FXE capable launcher.
Coding : Sdw/Plastic (Andreas Gustafsson)
Music : Tommy/Noice

This is my first demo for the GP32. I coded it in a couple of nights (about 8
or so hours total), so the code is not very optimized (or bug-free for that
matter!). I went for kind of a minimalistic design, but wasn't all that
satisfied with the result, hence the demo name.

If you want to contact me, send a mail to : sdw@lysator.liu.se 
You can also check out my website for other releases (GP32 and other platforms):

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