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Dreamchild by Andromeda Software Development [web]

-[+] Dreamchild
              by ASD   [+]-

Presented at Assembly 2003

>I am  not a  product of your dreams<

-> The dreamers are

.Navis			- Code
.Amoivikos		- Graphics
.aMUSiC			- Music

Additional Music Credits:

.Leviathan		- Guitars
.Lisa			- Vocals
.Amoivikos		- Lyrics

.Fmod was used.  
.Copyright © 2001-2003 Firelight Technologies, Pty, Ltd. All rights reserved. 

>Omnipresent,  spreading   my  roots<
>deep    into    your    nightmares.<

-> We envy the sleepers who dream

.dEUS,  theLab,  Nasty Bugs,  nLogN,
.Reversed Engineers, Quadra, Cocoon,
.Kewlers,  Orion,  #demo-gr, #pixel,
.#trax, pouet.net

>You  are  the  whispering  twilight<
>shining  into my  world of illusion<

-> R.E.M.

.This demo will  run on virtually any
.pc with a gfx card that supports OGL
.However the demo is designed to work
.smooth on a >1Ghz CPU and a GeForce3

>You  are but  the  candle's flicker<
>Yet  you  can  set  my heart ablaze<

-> The Dream Factory

.IRC: GRNet - #demo-gr

.navis - amusic - amv

		- We'll be back

- asdrevived 2003.

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