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303 by Acme
platform :
type :
release date : april 1997
release party : X 1997
compo : pc demo
ranked : 1st
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popularity : 76%
  • 0.74
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alltime top: #245
added on the 2000-07-22 01:12:53 by lord k lord k

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Great demo, one of my favorite ones
added on the 2000-08-29 16:20:48 by _G-Hell_ _G-Hell_
The voices impressed me the first time, but the demo is always impressing me..
added on the 2000-09-01 13:17:34 by bp bp
Good demo, good voices!
added on the 2000-09-04 18:47:08 by reality3D reality3D
This is one of my all-time favourite demo's, great effects and (as far as i know) the first to include vocals in the demomusic.
added on the 2000-09-06 19:32:22 by freebase freebase
jeees, jeees. vic+statix super duo. grat video, with first vocals in pc demo. vic's a mad singer! :P
added on the 2000-09-11 20:38:30 by lau lau
Simply a great demo, vocals are cool, and if you pay attention to the design you'll se that VIP2 has used the same design (construction).
added on the 2000-09-11 22:33:23 by Sanx Sanx
demo is nice, vic sounds strange ;)
added on the 2000-11-20 03:58:27 by PigPen PigPen
One of my all time favorite demos, dope ass music, and wicked effects that makes you wanna dance....or something ;>
Great production.
cdc added on the 2000-11-28 13:36:32 by skypher skypher
THE demo !!! my favourite one !
added on the 2000-12-12 11:11:08 by flure flure
This one isn't a demo in my opinion. It's an anthology demo. big difference.
added on the 2000-12-15 19:14:23 by FirEdge FirEdge
never could figure out what's so great with this one...
added on the 2001-01-22 10:30:48 by _ _
Great Demo! Great Design! Great Music! Great Lyrics! Great Effects! (I like the one with the face in the wall with the other 2d fx mapped very much! And I like the 2d patterns with the circles, e.t.c.. in the beginning very much too!!!)
added on the 2001-02-20 10:35:47 by Optimus Optimus

Remix of the original 303 tune, by Vic himself! Rocks!@#
added on the 2001-02-23 16:57:14 by skypher skypher
added on the 2001-03-05 11:45:51 by neurox neurox
Great Demo! Statix always surprises me
added on the 2001-03-07 18:59:02 by bluelion bluelion
Great Demo! Statix & Vic always surprise, thx!
added on the 2001-03-07 18:59:45 by bluelion bluelion
the first time I saw it, I was just expecting good design and good code, but the voices are what (from my point of view) make this demo really awesome
added on the 2001-03-19 01:36:04 by shash shash
Hello? Did I watched the same demo, which you
all have seen? OK , this
demo has some nice effects
but the music SUCKS!
Why the hell it's called 303?
Vic is probaly a bit insane...

added on the 2001-05-11 23:36:11 by bakmaita bakmaita
i can rather agree with the last poster than anyone else... this demo contain some really amazing effects but the shitty music ruins it all... especially this singing - well, maybe there is a true scene spirit and stuff and it's damn cool but for me it sounds like a cheesy pop track and it absolutely doesnt fit the rest of the demo. just because someone sings and even have some skill doing it doesnt mean it rocks. the lyrics seems to be stupid for me as well. sorry guys. this demo have nothing to do with 303 and just makes me laugh how "hard" it is ;D
added on the 2001-05-11 23:50:09 by raver raver
Yes it rulez.
rulez added on the 2001-06-02 10:58:23 by skypher skypher
that's a very sweet demo. It's got feeling.
rulez added on the 2001-07-02 11:34:11 by bhead bhead
Well, I don't like singing in demos that much. Someone could confuse this with a video clip. ;)
added on the 2001-07-02 12:19:44 by tomaes tomaes
It deserves a "rulez" :)
rulez added on the 2001-07-05 18:12:20 by Sanx Sanx
Vic and Statix are always amazing me with their demos.
This demo and Bleam is my favorite demos because they have cool feeling and atmosphere. Nowaydays demos doesnt have the same feeling because they have just crappy 3dengines without any meaning.
This must be an legendary demo =)
rulez added on the 2001-07-05 19:57:53 by oldaccount oldaccount
You GOT TO love this one ;-) Great soundtrack too..
rulez added on the 2001-07-08 22:25:25 by Jukebox Jukebox
yep, absolutely wonderful. very good soundtrack, with the little vocals-hack in midas =) overall, a great demo.
rulez added on the 2001-07-08 23:00:12 by fox fox
yeah, a truly rocking demo. great effects, and a soundtrack that may use some time to "grow on you", but when it does you'll understand.. :)
rulez added on the 2001-07-09 12:21:58 by fractalgp fractalgp
by respect
rulez added on the 2001-07-10 15:47:17 by u2 u2
i keep the soundtrack with me on mp3, i never know when i'm gonna need it. a serious rulez.
rulez added on the 2001-07-10 21:08:58 by cyberbilou cyberbilou
sorry, but the music sucks. he simply can't sing.
added on the 2001-07-11 00:12:41 by chaos chaos
listen to it at least 3 times chaos^fr =)

an all-times-rulez prod !
rulez added on the 2001-07-11 06:31:36 by analogue analogue
Chmm, soundtrack is in cheap pop-style, some good scenes, bit boring. Soundtrack doesnot fit with demo. The Statics+Vic demo BLEAM is better
sucks added on the 2001-07-16 21:30:40 by Trauma Zero Trauma Zero
a very good demo, but i agree with chaos, the vocals sux
rulez added on the 2001-07-17 00:58:52 by Nuclear Nuclear
i liked the demo and the vocals was a nice new idea. but maybe they should have done some more test-singing before releasing the demo ;-)
it simply rulez!
rulez added on the 2001-07-21 10:57:56 by jb jb
this has got to be the #1 coolest demo of all time! because it was (to my best knowledge) the first demo to include vocals in the soundtrack, it definately is truly innovative! vic's great (though not always in perfect tune) singing gives the demo a whole new dimension! i love this one!
rulez added on the 2001-07-23 03:18:16 by dragonfly dragonfly
A couple people have said this is the first demo with singing, so I thought I'd point out Zero Gravity from The Party '96.. but that one's lyrics are a lot shorter.

Oh, and I'd better give 303 a thumbs up too. :)
rulez added on the 2001-07-26 20:42:09 by phoenix phoenix
hey, what about Purple's Skumle Planer (SE95)? The goldfish sings "vi har skumle planet, mye værre enn du aner".. it rocks, even though the lyrics are even shorter than in Zero Gravity :)
added on the 2001-07-26 21:00:49 by fractalgp fractalgp
one of my(if not the)all time favorite(s)
rulez added on the 2001-07-27 02:01:04 by jar jar
i never understood this demo.
saw it, disliked it (at least, since everybody said it was the best thing ever, i was disappointed a lot), found it boring, saw it again, same thing.

must be me not being oldschool enough.
added on the 2001-07-27 11:39:28 by skrebbel skrebbel
try watching it on a bigscreen, then you'll know
rulez added on the 2001-08-03 18:44:08 by ileaardbei ileaardbei
cool demo. really. vic's singing is a little bit strange but i loved it! :) code&music-PERFECT!
rulez added on the 2001-08-08 17:05:12 by nula nula
i remember singing along this demo in a nice duet with ile at scene event 2001 ;-)
that would have been a quartet, macaw. I distinctly recall being the baritone (and some other guy in the dark quipped a falsetto)
rulez added on the 2001-08-08 19:59:57 by Shifter Shifter
yep, scene event, much like this demo, surely kicks ass :)
an ok demo, nice for its time and all, only i feel the music is quite cheesy and the name of the demo still remains a mystery for me. except for the picture of the mc303 in the end of it all.
added on the 2001-08-20 14:06:03 by rbism rbism
Rudy Bentmoore....

huh huh huh...Is that an alias? =)

combine title + pic = demo title. Try to inspect the command line comments, you may find the whole demo and related texts, phrases and whatnot to be completely off your tits.

'all we need is a kipper'
added on the 2001-08-24 05:28:42 by Shifter Shifter
it was ages ago since i watched it, so i might have forgot most of it. :)
added on the 2001-08-24 10:30:53 by rbism rbism
hm... i expected some tb303 ridden acid for this one.

man was i dissapointed...
added on the 2001-08-29 05:17:52 by _ _
okay, it's been said before..

but I love this demo. One of the best ever made.
rulez added on the 2001-09-27 20:44:52 by golrien golrien
Fucking great...except for the "videopart".
rulez added on the 2001-10-06 16:01:46 by Wain Wain
its so good feeling to hate it (:
sucks added on the 2001-10-16 17:24:03 by raver raver
It's so good feeling to love it! :)
rulez added on the 2001-10-22 16:45:08 by Optimus Optimus
Weird demo, but still a milestone.
added on the 2001-10-22 17:34:19 by dixan dixan
added on the 2001-10-22 18:20:13 by bhead bhead
Terrible music and strange design. Doesn't reach a 'sucks' rating (but gets real close).
added on the 2001-10-22 18:33:32 by noid noid
I like this little demo. Although the guy doesn't sing too well, but hey, neither do I!
rulez added on the 2001-11-13 07:26:30 by sea_monkey sea_monkey
i may be crazy but i love the music !!!
rulez added on the 2002-01-29 11:15:00 by stil stil
still my favorite (so called musicvideo)-DEMO! Alex Evans(Statix): U RULE man! Vic: can you sing better today? if you sometime come back to the scene then please make another demo like this. this demo was very nice indeed! but vocals yeah a bit strange.. but still my favorite Demo!
if you want weird vocals try finding one of Chris Huelsbeck's songs where he sings ;-)
Activator: Vic is style active in the scene... nowadays he's making tunes for 3state mostly :)
added on the 2002-02-10 13:33:28 by ryg ryg
argh... still active of course...
added on the 2002-02-10 13:34:28 by ryg ryg
hm, I don't catch the 'mojo'.. but it has something nice... 8)
added on the 2002-02-26 00:42:40 by Zafio Zafio
oh yes, the singalong party demo :)
rulez added on the 2002-03-24 02:02:43 by bizken bizken
the vocals start and all answers come to why we are somewhere in the middle of europe so far away from home in a damp smelly hall.
rulez added on the 2002-03-26 23:06:37 by psenough psenough
somebody find a way to get this to work under XP and I'll be happy :)
rulez added on the 2002-03-31 17:54:09 by ector ector
vic can't sing. period. =)
other than that it's a pretty neat demo, i still like to watch it these days.
added on the 2002-04-10 15:03:28 by dalezr dalezr
Thumbs up.
rulez added on the 2002-04-21 14:53:20 by shash shash
one of my alltime favourites
rulez added on the 2002-04-22 13:04:55 by teel teel
one of my alltime favourites too
rulez added on the 2002-05-08 19:21:02 by dairos dairos
BB Image Running under Windows XP (kinda ;D) Fullsize and other snapshots (i'll be posting them periodically) here
added on the 2002-05-19 21:32:00 by Jcl Jcl
One of the first (if not THE first) demos that included vocals.. and okay, I'm not gonna say anything about Vic's singing abilities, but the demo is overall very impressive, even without vic's voice.
added on the 2002-05-29 00:23:55 by zeroic zeroic
hirmu did a vocal demo before that.
i think it was called hirmu-hau, or something like that;

someone from the hirmu-family correct me if i'm wrong.
added on the 2002-07-17 23:05:10 by dalezr dalezr
the face !! :#)
added on the 2002-08-07 13:09:16 by mconstant mconstant
I said it before and I'll say it again - it's crap, crap and nothing more. And that stupid singing is the worst thing in it. What a great 303....
sucks added on the 2002-09-29 16:58:49 by bakmaita bakmaita
WTF? Haven't commented on this masterpiece?
rulez added on the 2002-09-30 00:31:15 by Gargaj Gargaj
gave me chills
rulez added on the 2002-09-30 00:46:36 by superplek superplek
The vocals are really not that good, but overall the demo is nice. Not one of my favourites, although it's a classic.
added on the 2002-11-05 18:54:17 by sprocket sprocket
all stuff makes this great imo. classic imo
rulez added on the 2002-11-08 07:56:46 by uns3en_ uns3en_
Um, I really haven't commented this one, can't believe it. :-o Anyway, it rules. I suddenly got the tune playing in my head, have to download.
rulez added on the 2002-12-22 01:44:06 by DiamonDie DiamonDie
This is just perfect.
Nice music by VIC, and Statix is the dude with the code.
Couldn't be better.
rulez added on the 2003-01-09 22:35:04 by scatman scatman
Love this one, although the singing is quite strange.
rulez added on the 2003-01-09 23:19:12 by nufan nufan
Love this one, although the singing is quite strange.
added on the 2003-01-09 23:19:44 by nufan nufan
Having problems running this under XP?

Try going to Compatibility Mode it worked for me under xp.
Right click on the exe file go to properties
Click on the Compatibility tab on the top
Place a check mark in a older version of windows, Best choice 98 SE
added on the 2003-01-10 02:18:34 by Mike 3D Mike 3D
Never knew windows xp offered this little trick, Thanks demomike, Now this dos demo
is purrin like a kitten.
added on the 2003-01-10 03:33:48 by Licht Licht
One of my all time favourites...
rulez added on the 2003-02-20 11:40:44 by hexxon hexxon
This is definately part of my top 10 best computer demos of all time, with TOASTED ;°) $een ruled!
added on the 2003-03-05 16:25:50 by 33 33
rulezcdc added on the 2003-06-01 17:33:19 by termos termos
my all-time favourite pc demo. this is pc demo at its best! love!
added on the 2003-08-11 13:08:45 by dragonfly dragonfly
303 vibes have just caught me too !

rulez added on the 2004-01-25 10:53:10 by Zest Zest
high party factor.. Hearing the lousy singing makes me want to drink beer. :)
added on the 2004-01-25 11:53:56 by loaderror loaderror
after you've watched this masterpiece you can feel what does it mean: demo. an evergreen...
rulez added on the 2004-01-31 15:42:36 by leaderc leaderc
so what, the vocals are not the best ever, but a) they're cool, b) they're in tune, not like in some *other* demos and c) they fit the rest of the music piece.

and the graphics, and the energy... oh, what a fat prod!
rulez added on the 2004-02-05 14:08:24 by jeenio jeenio
Oh yeah!
rulez added on the 2004-06-12 14:06:45 by Pete Pete
Can blame me if you want, but i never liked this ...
sucks added on the 2004-07-05 15:05:22 by AbcuG! AbcuG!
I never commented on this? One of the greatest demos ever. There is just some special magic in it, even if the vocals are a bit strange.
rulez added on the 2004-07-05 23:02:00 by Preacher Preacher
The intro part of the music is sooooo cool. The demo has its ups and downs a bit after that - graphics and music-wise (vocals and lyrics are pretty cringey), but it's brilliant all the same.
rulez added on the 2004-07-29 03:41:37 by pdx pdx
This demo never really impressed me, and I still don't understand why its so wildly popular =)
Piggy here.
added on the 2004-07-29 08:19:53 by Nezbie Nezbie
rulez added on the 2004-09-15 11:57:32 by Mike 3D Mike 3D
Forgot to vote. /o\
Thx to Mindcandy, W32-emulation, Crest's demoshow and Nectarine of course I know this rocks. Too bad, It won't run with my GUS (sets IRQ always to 0).
rulez added on the 2004-10-06 01:58:18 by René Madenmann René Madenmann
rulez added on the 2004-10-06 06:34:46 by zeebr zeebr
anyone has the soundtrack to this one as mp3?
rulez added on the 2004-10-06 13:22:57 by kinski kinski
[scenemusic.net] has it. Original, remix, vocals...
not my favourite, but rulez anyway
rulez added on the 2004-10-06 16:02:25 by blala blala
I liked the face scene and music was nice too.
rulez added on the 2004-10-22 23:13:51 by blueflame blueflame
I HATE the music :)
statix <3
rulez added on the 2004-11-01 21:05:31 by post malone post malone
Quite possibly one of the best demos of all time. Simple as that. I don't know if Vic would like to have his ... lyrical talent ... remembered like this though ;)
rulez added on the 2004-11-05 17:35:10 by witeshade witeshade
I do not understand how anyone cannot like the music. The visuals are average, I think, but the music is great and fits perfectly! Great stuff.
rulez added on the 2004-11-17 20:42:26 by chock chock
Total pop (:
i remember to be late from school watching this demo over and over again. it's a masterpiece.
added on the 2004-12-29 00:17:49 by leaderc leaderc
simply statix
rulez added on the 2004-12-29 00:19:55 by mrdoob mrdoob
Simply great!
rulez added on the 2005-04-01 22:58:36 by nitro2 nitro2
rulez added on the 2005-06-13 10:04:42 by chavez chavez
The music is quite good until the singing starts and then I burst out laughing! Really funny.

Demo has some ok routines, but as a whole is just some hacked together piece of junk.
sucks added on the 2005-08-17 01:53:10 by Shanethewolf Shanethewolf
Nice, damn dynamic+groove thing.
btw_ this was the first PC demo using videos?
rulez added on the 2005-12-03 21:01:09 by JaK JaK
My thumb. Where's my #@! thumb ?!
rulez added on the 2005-12-03 21:49:47 by p01 p01
One of my ultimately favorites, it has this edge between being so hellishly stylish and being coder colors, but the first mentioned definitely wins. Great everything!
rulez added on the 2005-12-13 09:38:25 by d3pth d3pth
i finally saw it!! great stuff!! thx for the port
rulez added on the 2006-01-06 14:27:32 by v3nom v3nom
very nice
rulez added on the 2006-01-08 03:02:25 by Sverker Sverker
like it a lot
rulez added on the 2006-01-19 00:58:39 by Pap Pap
As stated above, a milestone.
rulez added on the 2006-01-19 02:07:19 by bdk bdk
Code ... is mathematics .... but code is also ... the dream !! the dream !!!
rulez added on the 2006-01-19 10:22:31 by krabob krabob
One of the first PC demos I saw. Very high "wow wtf is happening here?" Factor :)
rulez added on the 2006-02-26 10:12:58 by すすれ すすれ
My thumb. Where's my #@! thumb ?!
rulez added on the 2006-06-06 11:08:20 by ekoli ekoli
"nothing is as hard as me... hiding in the dark you'll see... ... ."

...or something.

I LOVE the music :)
rulez added on the 2006-09-08 10:41:37 by Jailbird Jailbird
A masterpiece
rulez added on the 2006-09-08 10:48:38 by Optima Optima
rulez added on the 2006-09-08 22:29:13 by loveboulderdash loveboulderdash
rulez added on the 2006-09-18 15:51:27 by _xiod_ _xiod_
some clever bits.. but didn't love it
added on the 2006-10-01 02:33:27 by Gaia Gaia
Deffinitly an interesting WTF experience.
rulez added on the 2006-10-22 19:48:16 by siccoyote siccoyote
Ugly as hell. I love it :D
rulez added on the 2007-01-15 15:33:02 by xernobyl xernobyl
coder colors \o/
rulez added on the 2007-01-15 15:46:05 by src src
rulez added on the 2007-01-15 16:31:30 by ltk_tscc ltk_tscc
i L O V E this
rulez added on the 2007-04-13 21:19:09 by dwarf dwarf
rulez added on the 2007-04-18 22:27:44 by TrX TrX
Haha thumb up for the totally crappy vocals. :D Other than that, cool and weird demo! =) But those vocals haha I can't stop laughing, great entertainment for sure. :D
rulez added on the 2007-04-19 00:05:24 by StingRay StingRay
rulezcdc added on the 2007-04-19 00:20:16 by friol friol
Classic, maybe because of Vic singing that off.
rulez added on the 2007-04-19 00:47:51 by rp rp

But those vocals haha I can't stop laughing, great entertainment for sure. :D

Stinger...you like to torment yourself once in a while, eh ;)
I had terrible pain hearing that soundtrack
added on the 2007-04-20 13:54:03 by d0DgE d0DgE
d0DgE: for REAL torture, check this one: http://www.pouet.net/prod.php?which=16368 :D
added on the 2007-04-20 14:02:50 by StingRay StingRay
Nicely varied demo. Not mad on the vocals.
rulez added on the 2007-06-03 12:12:46 by hamster hamster
Great classic. Coder colors ftw! ;)
rulez added on the 2007-06-27 23:04:13 by raer raer
Good PC classic.
rulez added on the 2007-06-28 01:03:40 by sim sim
For me,

best demo ever
I love ALL,the music,the sing,the code.

And,Vic + Statix were a HUGE couple.
BTW,this was 10 Years Ago.

I'm old.
rulez added on the 2007-06-28 14:10:58 by orb orb
i almost concur. one of my very favourite demos of all time (the awful singing even works in it's favour), but square beats it to "best demo ever". :)
rulez added on the 2007-06-28 14:54:01 by smash smash
The singing and video clips are real downers, the rest is fine..
rulez added on the 2007-06-28 15:43:01 by evil evil
What? Did I not thumb up this epic masterpiece yet?!
rulez added on the 2007-06-28 16:10:46 by kusma kusma
graphics and effects
rulez added on the 2007-08-01 05:20:58 by BITS BITS
rulez added on the 2007-08-13 00:39:43 by wb wb
rulez added on the 2007-08-15 21:49:07 by marlowe marlowe
rulez added on the 2008-01-27 18:53:57 by zefyros zefyros
After 10+ years, still gives me that genuine "demo feeling".
rulez added on the 2008-03-04 10:03:38 by low low
rulez added on the 2008-06-28 13:41:52 by gentleman gentleman
rulez added on the 2008-06-29 00:50:22 by T$ T$
Nothing is as hard as me
Hiding in the dark you'll see
That every turn I take is passed
Every movement I'll be so fast

Chill like you never
feel like you never
live like you never
did before

Every moment will be lost
Only I can know the loss
I am pulling all the stream
I can make you groove with me

Chill like you never
feel like you never
live like you never
did before

Chill like you never
feel like you never
live like you never
did before

Chill like you never
feel like you never
live like you never
did before

Want you know what I control
I have power over your soul
At last you see that all I do
Can never be surpassed by you
rulez added on the 2008-10-18 00:00:57 by stage7 stage7
Just too cool.. great effects & design, and the awful singing stops bothering you after a while :)
rulez added on the 2008-10-18 00:59:11 by Alpha C Alpha C
Great, but the singing makes you wanna vomit explosively
rulez added on the 2008-10-18 12:32:26 by Steel Steel
Actually, Vic did after recording the vocals =)
I remember he was fucking wasted, drunk & fucked up when he was singing it.

So, everybody who posted here that Vic can't sing. Correct! You're listening to a drunk singing.
rulez added on the 2008-10-18 12:37:27 by scoutski scoutski
very nice
rulez added on the 2008-11-04 20:49:13 by pera pera
Damn great!
added on the 2009-02-08 00:39:50 by T$ T$

rulez added on the 2009-02-08 01:05:37 by xyz xyz
Great, although the drunken vocals made my ears bleed :D
rulez added on the 2009-04-15 13:48:41 by kaoD kaoD
Astonishing work.
rulez added on the 2009-08-11 19:32:21 by vestige vestige
A true classic, with well-executed effects and generally nice overall feeling. Music is unforgettable, though the vocal part always felt a bit .. contrived. But vocals are still something rather rare for demos, and were especially rare for that period. One other thing I remember about "303" is how it's so notoriously buggy and DOS version was difficult to get running on some machines. :)
rulez added on the 2010-08-09 23:49:30 by ccr ccr
late thumb
rulez added on the 2010-08-10 00:02:59 by Saga Musix Saga Musix
okay, I can see how the ammount of lyrics and the video sequences are revolutional for their time ... but the overall demo felt pretty thrown together. Piggie unless someone explains how this became a classic.
added on the 2010-08-10 00:08:13 by shock__ shock__
誕生日おめで{ 92;う!!!
rulez added on the 2010-08-10 00:15:47 by loaderror loaderror

(and Vic!)
rulez added on the 2010-08-16 09:33:34 by rez rez
rulez added on the 2011-01-03 14:00:26 by joooo joooo
Another classic.!
rulez added on the 2011-01-15 05:19:25 by Bock Bock
i saw it a million times. it was, and still is, fucking amazing
rulez added on the 2011-01-15 05:33:39 by iq iq
Just reminded of this demo today. Silly vocals don't make this demo any less awesome. :)
rulez added on the 2011-03-29 14:02:57 by velusip velusip
one of the first pc demos I really liked - it was even published in a danish mainstream magazine for computer enthusiasts
rulez added on the 2011-05-18 09:20:53 by nic0 nic0
bad singing, but the rest is nice
rulez added on the 2011-11-17 23:06:06 by Frequent Frequent
rulez added on the 2012-03-23 08:00:15 by spritus spritus
rulez added on the 2012-03-23 08:39:55 by provod provod
Screw the robot with a spoon becuse it mings for earth!
rulez added on the 2012-04-15 05:37:48 by numtek numtek
+audio tick when the vocals start :)
added on the 2012-04-15 06:30:36 by numtek numtek
i always thought this demo hasn't aged well and every time i watch it i get this bitter taste of the 90's in my mouth. but still i can see why it won and the direction/design is very impressive.
rulez added on the 2013-03-07 09:24:54 by aegis aegis
The visuals are some of the my stylish I've ever seen and the effects complement them perfectly, but argh that music!
rulez added on the 2013-03-07 09:31:59 by noby noby
Amazing. Maybe not the singing.
rulez added on the 2013-05-03 13:14:07 by elmindreda elmindreda
This is glorious. The uncanny combination of an upbeat song (that oozes teenage defiance) and the very demostyle visuals makes this a unique production.
rulez added on the 2014-05-23 22:47:49 by cce cce
a real gem from the past
rulez added on the 2014-10-03 22:44:59 by randomi randomi
It was the first one I heard with some singing and I'll love it for that.
"Unpacking Vocals"
rulez added on the 2014-10-03 22:58:48 by Harekiet Harekiet
Great demo!
rulez added on the 2014-11-03 12:00:56 by bitl bitl
Some nice effects. Thumb for first vocals.
rulez added on the 2014-12-31 15:29:16 by Emod Emod
don't know why but i've never seen this demo before and i even own mindcandy 1.
rulez added on the 2015-02-27 09:17:17 by kimi kardashian kimi kardashian
btw i liked that music, even vocals.
not my cup of tea. oink
This is just horrible from the beginning to the very end.
sucks added on the 2015-02-27 11:34:37 by maytz maytz
who peed on your sukkermad today maytz?
rulez added on the 2015-02-27 12:14:57 by revival revival
nobody - it's just really REALLY bad :)
added on the 2015-02-27 13:55:19 by maytz maytz
rulez added on the 2015-08-28 23:59:56 by RufUsul RufUsul
rules. deserved an additional thumb up for nfo :D
rulez added on the 2015-09-21 17:24:11 by wbcbz7 wbcbz7
Here's my late thumb up :)
rulez added on the 2016-06-30 11:46:39 by mueslee mueslee
Gawrddddammn I never thumbed this up? This demo has it all! Cringe worthy vocals, breakdancing HQN/Successes, Baller 48 hour code action, burned motherboards (2)

rulez added on the 2016-09-21 12:47:32 by okkie okkie
everything that okkie said..
rulez added on the 2016-09-21 12:55:34 by evilpaul evilpaul
had missed this at the time
underworld comes to mind
rulez added on the 2016-09-21 16:02:12 by 1in10 1in10
rulez added on the 2017-01-06 09:37:55 by Flashira Flashira
i've put mustard on my joint!
rulez added on the 2017-01-21 16:28:40 by nagz nagz
I love it! Drunken singing FTW!
rulez added on the 2017-09-02 23:44:07 by ham ham
one of the best demos ever. love it.
rulez added on the 2017-12-25 15:20:07 by e64 e64
loved it!
rulez added on the 2017-12-26 13:09:32 by iks iks
great classic.
does anyone have a lyrics.txt?
rulez added on the 2018-12-16 15:04:04 by jco jco
jco: you can always copy the lyrics from one of the comments above into a .txt file ;)
added on the 2018-12-16 15:15:38 by break break
My eyes shine with the effects and design, but my ears bleed heavily because of those horrible vocals..
added on the 2019-05-06 20:21:24 by mayday mayday
Seems i forgot to thumb up this gem, but the soundtrack really rules :)
rulez added on the 2020-05-22 15:52:59 by Queen_Luna Queen_Luna
Nothing is as hard as me...

In other words, serious masterpiece. Thanks MindCandy for good capture. I think.
rulez added on the 2020-08-27 22:29:15 by vitalkanev vitalkanev
Nice prod, music could be better though
added on the 2020-12-17 12:29:59 by venex venex
It was hard to describe this when the art style and music evoked a rush of late 90's memories. Cohesive design and some of the effects were really cool. I liked the music a lot. The vocals gave it some nice edge.
rulez added on the 2021-10-03 01:55:26 by sorbitol sorbitol
nice... idk what to say about the music. It had soul and wasn't horrible :D
rulez added on the 2022-04-11 19:59:37 by wrighter wrighter
they don't do 'em like this anymore
added on the 2022-08-20 11:13:53 by v3nom v3nom
It's cringe. it's brilliant. It's Scene history. Forever in our hearts. And I sing along every time I watch it ! :D
rulez added on the 2023-08-24 18:29:24 by TomS4wy3R TomS4wy3R
Yea I remember this had its heyday back then, properly executed visuals of the time plus Underworld-ish soundtrack. But what the hell was behind the title? To glorify that piece of junk shown at the end, x0x-hyped rompler MC-303?
rulez added on the 2023-10-31 12:33:24 by egz egz
Yea I remember this had its heyday back then, properly executed visuals of the time plus Underworld-ish soundtrack. But what the hell was behind the title? To glorify that piece of junk shown at the end, x0x-hyped rompler MC-303?

Vic used the MC-303 for the soundtrack.
added on the 2023-10-31 12:57:59 by okkie okkie
A true classic! Still running this on my DOS setup on a regular basis.
rulez added on the 2023-10-31 15:00:04 by hfr hfr
True classic! I watched it once again. Have my soon-27-years-late thumbs up
rulez added on the 2024-01-01 11:39:59 by pyksy pyksy

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