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[Troll] 'No wage rises' until 5% jobless rate

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alcoholism in general is so much better than no alcoholism
added on the 2014-06-19 23:35:49 by msqrt msqrt
you guys are always stuck in the nineties with your desktop towers ! Get back to the real world so-called elites !

I'm sorry but I just cannot refrain myself from calling the author of these words a miserable troll; the so-called elites (as you name them) have made & released at least one commercial production that wound up being a success. So please make up your mind, dear OP: either you're seeking here for advices on how to improve your game, or just want to waste everyone's time by picking fingers at people you initially wanted to get attention of.
added on the 2014-06-20 00:03:29 by kbi kbi
sometimes the attention is the real agenda
added on the 2014-06-20 00:15:11 by msqrt msqrt
sometimes the attention is the real agenda

Ya think?!
added on the 2014-06-20 00:22:50 by ringofyre ringofyre
well, the topic title did have troll clearly written on it. so i guess that's that.
added on the 2014-06-20 14:54:44 by psenough psenough
alcoholism in general is so much better than no alcoholism

Kudos to that. Better than drugs. Better than smoking. Fad diets. Insanity.
added on the 2014-06-20 17:40:41 by Optimus Optimus
you guys are always stuck in the nineties with your desktop towers ! Get back to the real world so-called elites !

Well in fact, if I wanted to make a game without thinking of how to monetize, like making a game that is actually quality and fun to program and play, I would choose my desktop PC. Or maybe some openhandheld as a second wish. Now, if I was thinking about making money out of it, android even if I can't fully control most touch games and it annoys me that sometimes it's just marketing and a very simple idea that makes the money, I am with you on that. Spend time to make a good quality game and you are not sure if you have wasted time because it needs more promotion. All these games, flappy bird, angry birds, 2048, candy crash, I later realize there was a lonely programmer who first did the idea but nobody knew, and then later some big house coppied the same idea, added a lot of marketing and they get shitloads of money. So, maybe this "wow I could program that too and be a millionaire" is just an illusion. Which scares me, I was planning as a backup to try something on Android, but maybe it won't work. Unless maybe I throw up 10s of very simple to program ideas (so that not enough time in development is spent) and maybe 1 out of 100 catches up. Maybe. But then I don't feel like programming the game I'd love to play, but trying to cheat the system. I am glad you tried to do the game you did based on what you liked to do, even if it didn't catch up. I am going to check it later this afternoon and see if I like it.
added on the 2014-06-20 17:49:47 by Optimus Optimus
Just tried the free version of your game, here are some thoughts:
- 3D Graphics are perfectly smooth
- Controls are very responsive
- Idea is somewhat innovative

- 2D Graphics are horribly ugly, team up with a graphician to get some decent graphics
- After 5mins of playing i still did not get whats the objective of the game - but the first user experience is the most important one - if you don't convince the user then he won't ever come back - it's cruel but its like that
- You have to take the user by the hand and give him an early sense of achievement so that he feels it's worth investing his time
- make some tests with actual people from the street who never played your game before and watch them interact with your game - you'll learn alot on what needs to be improved

Btw before you're asking - i'm working as product manager for a mobile game which already has > 1mio downloads - good enough?
added on the 2014-06-20 23:36:23 by v3nom v3nom
Oh and i liked that you did not ask for any permissions while installing - that's rare to find nowadays
added on the 2014-06-20 23:42:49 by v3nom v3nom
sometimes the attention is the real agenda

Ya think?!

i do! it's kind of hard to believe though - who would be lame enough to strive for that?
added on the 2014-06-21 22:31:24 by msqrt msqrt
who would be lame enough to strive for that?


BB Image
added on the 2014-06-21 22:50:44 by ringofyre ringofyre
A last reply.
Thanks v3nom for the return.
Yes, the game had no success primarily because no one gets how to play, sad for me.
and yes, I should team up with a graphist, but I just cannot by now.

The game was released in mid-april, and I spend 3 weeks modifying it according to feedbacks from other apps developers, and some forum: I added left-hand support, tuned the laser collisions because people found it hard, figured out noone read the manual and so added on-screen instructions in the first level, and more, but it seems no one still gets it, while it is certainly less complex than pacman and 100 times less complex than... let's say minecraft (the items of the left are kept during satellite change, the items down on the deck are activated for this satellite. Too complex !)

2 months later, the app referencing is close to zero (like most apps), so it's too late to improove anything, so even good feedbacks are useless now. The app is dead.
Sorry that I had some words with Preacher, but his feedbacks wasn't telling anything to me.

Also sorry that I used rude language and used pouet to improove my scoop.it page audience (scoop.it referencing is easier and could in the end help the app.). But knowing pouet users, I just couldn't come up just asking nicely for you to test my indi-game. My next work will not be a game, but some tool.

This was my last post on this thread. :)
added on the 2014-06-24 13:22:25 by krabob krabob


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