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Sadly after multiple attemtps to fix his scripts that caused a massive flood of mysql connections and PHP processes failed, I had to disable the user account of http://zxaaa.untergrund.net/.

This solves the problem.
added on the 2017-03-31 18:17:04 by scamp scamp
The russian spectrum drama continues.
added on the 2017-03-31 19:01:51 by ltk_tscc ltk_tscc
ltk_tscc, there is no any drama actually, just some bitch got fucked in the face as it had deserved.
there is working zx spectrum database for a long time: http://bbb.retroscene.org/ without any ads, blame, flame and shit.
added on the 2017-04-01 13:24:29 by sq sq
there is no any drama actually, just some bitch got fucked in the face as it had deserved

If there's ever a sentence to perfectly sum up...
added on the 2017-04-01 14:09:32 by Gargaj Gargaj
Do you think it's normal to steal a site that I personally did for 15 years? And then, in fact, without warning, throw it away from the hosting. Good guys are here. /ААА/
added on the 2017-04-01 14:59:44 by VideoMan VideoMan
sq -
I will restore the site on a new high-speed hosting. ZXAAA.net will work in the same mode of daily filling. /AAA/

Continue to develop stolen from me bbb. This is your level of development and you are not given another.

Everyone knows how AAA created his site and personally translated more than 30 gigabytes of floppy images onto the PC. You use what AAA did. And pour mud on him just for the fact that he made the best site for the ZX Speccy
added on the 2017-04-01 15:14:42 by VideoMan VideoMan
I'd like to point out that I don't wanna involve in any weird spectrum scener fights. I only removed the site because due to a massive amount PHP errors it repeatedly brought down the system for all users, and then after AAA tried to fix the problem it got worse, with every single file (including graphics etc) causing a PHP script run + mysql connection.

I have enabled AAA to download everything so he can move to a different host.
added on the 2017-04-01 15:18:38 by scamp scamp
good job, guys - you are killed ZX demoarchive. I suspect what reason in php coders - Hacker VBI and AIG - fucking lamerz.

ААА, не сдавайся, твоя работа просто бесценна и полезна.
added on the 2017-04-01 15:27:12 by denp denp
Уже осуществляется перенос сайта на новый хостинг, надеюсь до конца месяца откроемся заново. Так что не бойтесь всё в порядке. Сайт будет завязан на форуме zxdemo.ru. Все статьи с сайта zxpress.ru я перенесу на форум zxdemo.ru, завяжу их ссылками фото и картинками, а так же DEMO работами и с сайтом ZXAAA. Форум по сути будет большой книгой демо сцены с переходами, ссылками и возможностью всё обсуждать.


Так же будет проведена работа по написанию истории DemoScen в разных странах мира, например Польша начата тут:

Ссылки все восстановлю, как сайт переедет. Назло всем моим врагам я буду развивать спектрум в россии и держать марку ААА.
added on the 2017-04-01 16:17:15 by VideoMan VideoMan
BB Image
added on the 2017-04-01 16:21:56 by Gargaj Gargaj
We are already moving the site to a new hosting, I hope to open again the rest of the month. So do not be afraid of everything is in order. The site will be tied up on the forum zxdemo.ru. All articles from the site zxpress.ru I postponed to the forum zxdemo.ru, I will tie their links photos and pictures, as well as DEMO works and the site ZXAAA. The forum is essentially a big demo scene book with transitions, links and the opportunity to discuss everything.


We will also work on writing the history of DemoScen in different countries of the world, for example, Poland started here:

All links will be restored, as the site will move. To spite all my enemies I will develop the Spectrum in Russia and keep the brand AAA.
added on the 2017-04-01 17:06:22 by VideoMan VideoMan
I have nothing to do with any ZXAAA sites in the last two years
added on the 2017-04-01 19:07:13 by VBI VBI
Hi there, does anyone know if there is an (un)official space limit for an account on untegrund.net? Because I have lots of party photos to upload and I would not want to be the asshole who filled the whole server :)
added on the 2017-07-05 14:19:25 by toms toms
I can't upload because of "552 Disk full"
@sensenstahl: I didn't upload anything yet, it's not my fault :D
added on the 2017-07-07 20:31:20 by toms toms
toms: that is actually a very funny coincidence :D
toms: photos should be sent to slengpung, not untergrund. everybody knows that :)
added on the 2017-07-07 22:54:40 by psenough psenough
Again "552 Disk full" while trying to upload.
It is still.... SCAMP to the rescue!!!
added on the 2017-07-14 19:15:02 by ltk_tscc ltk_tscc
We simply don't have any storage left on the FTP. New servers are coming soon.
added on the 2017-07-17 13:21:02 by scamp scamp
Any sign of the new servers? :)
added on the 2017-07-27 18:47:38 by ltk_tscc ltk_tscc
Since a few weeks, I can't upload a single byte to my untergrund site. A bizarre 552 error (Disk Full) appears every time I try.

I even tried to delete stuff (like log files) to make place but there is no way.

OK, I am now reading the previous posts while I'm writing this one and I see that I am not the only one.
added on the 2017-08-02 12:20:19 by ham ham
It's Wednesday which means Untergrund is shagged again:

added on the 2017-08-09 10:55:59 by Gargaj Gargaj
There has been a major power outage at the data center, with both power circuits, backup USV and Diesel gone. We are still in process restoring services. We'll restore FTP access soon.
added on the 2017-08-09 13:24:38 by scamp scamp


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