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Getting more people to vote during demoparties

category: parties [glöplog]
I know, sceneid wouldn't necessarily mean your name and address gets published along with your votes, but still - the voting key wins on this point.

Well the votekey is always associated with a user - even though this information isn't published - the connection can be made. And I doubt you are all using fake names in the partynet registration process :)
added on the 2013-08-19 15:09:06 by D.Fox D.Fox
Well the votekey is always associated with a user - even though this information isn't published - the connection can be made. And I doubt you are all using fake names in the partynet registration process :)

I will do now I know :D
added on the 2013-08-19 15:10:31 by psonice psonice
It doesn't help much since the association also includes your entr-- oh clever.
added on the 2013-08-19 15:12:45 by Gargaj Gargaj
of the 50+ parties i have visited in the past 17 years, i can say that i didn't vote at perhaps 2-3 of them. i think it's a moral duty of a participant to vote. gargaj, i completely don't agree with you on the assumed "irrelevance" - watch results close enough and you'll see that sometimes a top-three placing depends on only 2-3 points.

also, if one doesn't vote, one has absolutely no moral right to complain about the results.
added on the 2013-08-19 15:53:51 by dipswitch dipswitch
Registering a user only once, at payment checkin, and requiring a proper group associated with it and the prod would prevent self-voting. (If that's what you mean?) I don't see why registration would be allowed at voting time at all?

Free beverage for each voting scener. Upon finishing voting, scener logs in at the reception/bar desk or whatever and the barmaid/-tender sees he's voted, contract fulfilled and beverage earned :P

The current systems with the prods you didn't vote for staying unaffected works well?

And it's surprising how effective a pre-filled paper with the prods and a simple pencil is to make people vote. (That's how I do it already, to retain the prod-author connection in my brain.) You could even vote between each prod as they are shown, having no excuse to skip any prods...

I think computerized "forms" are good and well, but if we want to eliminate excuses, they really should be on paper. No server could go down, no wifi password or vpn to worry about.

Also, people who absolutely must go to their hotel or get a lift, or whatever before the compos end will be able to just hand the paper in for their votes so far.

Paper is quite simply superior to computer forms in this case.

"But we need voting systems to not have to enter votes into our system!" is understandable but also contrary to getting votes in. Either you can vote while seeing the prods, or you lose votes. You can certainly have both, and the sceners who are good at voting anyway could continue using the computer and save orgas some time.

So there!
added on the 2013-08-19 15:54:29 by Photon Photon
You mean the other way around:
BB Image
added on the 2013-08-19 15:56:37 by Gargaj Gargaj
vote == give user a password. user goes to infodesk with password == get one free beer.
added on the 2013-08-19 15:59:17 by _Chucky_ _Chucky_
my 2 cents:
I'm all for gamification regarding the voting process. Showing votecounts on a beamslide for example. Small incentives that make it more fun. And yes, please include previews (I always find it difficult to remember gfx compos and I happily take the time to look at the stuff again and think a little about it). And more that has already been said here.

I'd really like to see some way of making the streaming music compos more interesting. Many scene musicians have achieved a high degree of professionalism in their tracks nowadays, makes it hard to figure out one "best" track. Takeover 2001 had a "chill" and "dance" music split, something in that direction might work. Also, senseless rules like "one sample tracked music" compo are a lot of fun.

added on the 2013-08-19 16:07:32 by jco jco
photon: considering the already late deadlines, and the already even later than the deadlines entries, how are you going to get the forms printed in time?

I guess you could rely on a hundred drunk sceners to write the group + prod name with their vote, but we're looking at weeks to decipher the paperwork in this case :D
added on the 2013-08-19 16:08:21 by psonice psonice
gargaj, doesn't it feel strange to you as a party organiser to agitate against voting?
added on the 2013-08-19 16:08:35 by dipswitch dipswitch
and Saga Musix:

extract mp3s / oggs / modules / etc. from music compo entries (and auto-convert them to mp3 for online preview)

who exactly should do that? as a music compo organiser i refuse to be loaded with more work. preparing two music compos on a day, including the coordination of the preselection jury, is stressful enough as it is already.
added on the 2013-08-19 16:10:40 by dipswitch dipswitch
Ok, if Unlock is on board, I'm willing to try the scenepoints gamification scheme back this weekend.

We had:
- Points for voting in a competition
- Points for voting for each entry
- Points for uploading screenshots for your entries

(and other silly stuff which doesn't matter in regards to voting etc.)

And adding a beamslide with the current vote count is not that hard to do either.
added on the 2013-08-19 16:11:10 by D.Fox D.Fox
photon, same goes to your suggestion. processing paper votesheets is absolutely not feasable nowadays at any bigger party.
added on the 2013-08-19 16:11:48 by dipswitch dipswitch
d.fox, this sounds awesome, i really like it.
added on the 2013-08-19 16:12:32 by dipswitch dipswitch
d.fox: indeed, fantastic - only way to know if it works is to try it! Let us know how it goes. (And same for anyone on the other side of the organisers' desk :)
added on the 2013-08-19 16:18:06 by psonice psonice
dipswitch: I was talking about automatic content creation by the party system. I know that organizers already have many better things to do at a party than converting screenshots and mp3 files. But creating screenshots and mp3 excerpts from many standard formats (JPG/PNG/BMP/... for images, MP3/OGG/FLAC/MOD/XM/S3M/IT/... for music) through e.g. Partymeister doesn't sound too unrealistic for me. There are enough frameworks and libraries out there which can help with that. Obviously it wouldn't cover all edge cases (like someone submitting only a Renoise file of their song without MP3 render in the zip file), but it's much better than nothing at all.
Saga: that would require a LOT of unzipping files and guessing which file is the correct one. I think just some additional upload fields could do the trick nicely.
added on the 2013-08-19 16:26:52 by D.Fox D.Fox
dfox, I am aware of that. I also know that this system could e.g. accidentally pick a WIP step instead of a final image for graphics compo entries. But if it does, it's the author's fault because they didn't submit their own screenshot, to begin with. ;) Besides, come on, a server that can handle Partymeister can also handle a bit of unzipping. ;)
saga, dont get me wrong, it would be lovely to have screenshots and snippets. but unless partymeister or any other tool make it, OR the uploaders themselves are obiged to provide these, i don't really see any time resources on the organiser side to do them.
added on the 2013-08-19 16:31:07 by dipswitch dipswitch
I don't think outsourcing this to the authors is a bad idea - it's their work and they chose the level of presentation. Automation might be nice, but I'm not sure it's worth the effort. And it might actually hurt - for example - imagine an engaged graphics artists complaining about the fact that the wrong screenshot is displayed.

Sure - he shouldn't complain because he had it in his hand to choose the correct one - but that doesn't save you (as an organizer) from putting up with that person. And that costs time, and time is what we don't have as compo organiziers :)

TL;DR: put the power in the hands of the people ;)
added on the 2013-08-19 16:35:15 by D.Fox D.Fox
I'd say if an entry loses votes because the uploader didn't add a screenshot or snippet.. *shrug*. It's just frustrating when you can't remember the name of an entry and can't vote for it.
added on the 2013-08-19 16:35:21 by psonice psonice
OK, I suppose this might be a bit radical idea, but how about raising the entrance fee by a certain amount (say €10) and by voting the visitors would be entitled to this amount at the end of the party. The remaining sum from the non-voting visitors would then be distributed among the prize-winners.

Ultimately, for people who vote, this would not change the price of the ticket, and for the rest it could give the feeling "well, I didn't vote, but at least I contributed to the winners with something".
added on the 2013-08-19 16:35:24 by Control Control
  • +1 for the beer idea.

  • I think sofa-sceners would enjoy the ability to vote. It would enhance the virtual experience of being there. It would mean making the party net accessible via internet, figuring how to distribute votekeys and if they should be paid for to support the party.

  • some parties have party-nets that can only be accessed when physically there. enable internet voting so people can vote at the hotel or from their phones.

  • I would not mind getting additional pouët glöps for voting at parties. I need the cdcs.

  • why voting? isnt everybody a winner?

dipswitch: That's exactly what I was saying. ;) And yes, authors should pick screenshots and snipptes by themselves of course, but as we already see right now, that doesn't work always. Especially people who never voted at a party are probably not aware of the implications of this feature.
Bah. Of the 100+ parties i have visited i voted at maybe 2-3 of them.
added on the 2013-08-19 16:39:07 by 216 216


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