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XM making?

category: music [glöplog]
Dear 4mat, for weeks our relationship has been charming, I would even dare to say I had a crush on you but recently you started to assume I was the kind of people starting trolls o, boards while I'm more of a thread hi-jacker, which, you'll admit, is much classier and dandy-like.
added on the 2011-03-04 16:15:46 by __ __
knl: wait, you're breaking up with me? :(
added on the 2011-03-04 16:18:55 by 4mat 4mat
added on the 2011-03-04 16:19:39 by __ __
now go and a make a tune about it.
kaneel, erm... it's 2011, we're supposed to argue about something else than trackers these days :)
added on the 2011-03-04 16:53:11 by reed reed
indeed my dear, we are supposed. but we won't right?
added on the 2011-03-04 17:07:59 by __ __
of course not!
added on the 2011-03-04 17:15:36 by reed reed
You almost dared.
No hug at revision.
added on the 2011-03-04 17:22:34 by __ __
ProTracker FTW!
added on the 2011-03-04 17:38:57 by djh0ffman djh0ffman
hardy: ok here you go
added on the 2011-03-04 17:42:56 by 4mat 4mat
We're on something.
Lemme come back home. Just... lemme... come... back... home.
added on the 2011-03-04 17:47:22 by __ __
OT: Could anyone (Knl?) send/link me "Unik & Bypass - Lovemachine" soundtrack? "Drone" is dead. Module or mp3. I love that tune...
added on the 2011-03-04 19:03:02 by ninja ninja
kaneel.xm sounds good :]
added on the 2011-03-04 19:22:06 by nula nula
In my world, a "true old-school chiptune" is played using hardware synthesis on a true old-school chip, not with samples, so... yeah :-)

word! especially when there are analogue filters involved :-)

(although one could argue that the AgentX2 track posted on the previous page used some
kind of sample player/software synthesis. and no arpeggios, ironically ;))

when it comes to chiptune music in general, I personally do not really care how it's done,
as long as it sounds good/interesting.

as for me, I've always spent more time creating/experimenting with sounds, rather than
composing actual music. The tracker I'm currently working on has pretty wild features,
like for example "recursive" songs (i.e. you can use the sound output of one subsong
in another subsong's instrument). It's useful to build chiptune wavetables or "freeze"
the output of a MIDI synth. Definitely not the kind of feature one would put into Cubase..
(not the "bouncing" but the automated song rendering I mean).

(last but not least, there's pretty neat/relatively cheap embedded HW available today that let's you
run rather CPU intensive code while consuming only 1/6 the power a C=64 required.
but that's techno babble, of course)

about the it/xm debate: next up: coders discuss their favourite text editors :D was cute, though
added on the 2011-03-04 19:36:36 by xyz xyz
@ninja: I'll ask warp or supah as soon as possible.
added on the 2011-03-04 20:59:39 by __ __
Making XM is like making a love to beautiful lady...
added on the 2011-03-04 21:14:02 by leGend leGend
until you wake up? :)
added on the 2011-03-04 21:22:10 by __ __
nibbles!! otherwise IT :-)
added on the 2011-03-04 21:27:43 by Jcl Jcl
4mat: listened the tune you linked, it's nice... You did that "ad hoc"? :)

Anyway, I guess you guys are going really offtopic. The topic here is about a ZX Spectrum engine which I've tried to use, and as I might know it doesn't support all those advanced effects such as arpeggio, vibrato, portamento etc... I didn't checked that yet, but I'm pretty sure it doesn't do the job.

I love that you talk about old tracking days through - also because I've started to make music by using those ones - and for having my offtopic part I'd say Impulse Tracker FTW!

added on the 2011-03-04 22:36:41 by SoDa7 SoDa7
Anyway, I guess you guys are going really offtopic.

A Pouet discussion going off-topic? Who would've thought!!
added on the 2011-03-04 22:47:03 by Alpha C Alpha C
Please keep on topic and post more IT vs XM flamewars.
Well, I know how's the bad habit here, but it's better to clarify things :)
added on the 2011-03-04 22:52:01 by SoDa7 SoDa7

This thread is now about the real chiptunes and the wrong chiptunes.

added on the 2011-03-04 23:10:54 by __ __
The real question is why does it sound warmer on the amiga with protracker or with capamod on DOS?
added on the 2011-03-04 23:23:22 by _-_-__ _-_-__
kaneel I've never been so calm in my life, don't worry :)
added on the 2011-03-04 23:25:29 by SoDa7 SoDa7


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