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pouet's favourite sci-fi authors

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howard p. lovecraft
stanislaw lem
added on the 2011-09-03 14:20:53 by rac rac
Full bible
Stanislas Lem
William Gibson
Karl Marx
Rajesh Pallasawa
added on the 2011-09-03 15:43:35 by w00t! w00t!
rac has good taste.
added on the 2011-09-03 15:45:19 by Preacher Preacher
ken macleod
william gibson
alastair reynolds
iain (m) banks
margret atwood
neil stephenson
P. K. Dick
A. Eschbach
added on the 2011-09-03 21:45:02 by T$ T$
kurt vonnegut
added on the 2011-09-03 22:26:04 by napsa napsa
I recently ventured (yes, ventured) into everything Frank Herbert did beside Dune and I must say this is pretty interesting as well. I really advice this book
BB Image

Also, recently discovered the "kind of prose but excuse me as I'm really uneducated" work of
BB Image

Also, I repeat, Neal Stephenson is really important. MUCH MORE THAN DAN SIMMONS (don't ask me why I dislike his work, I have no good reasons)
added on the 2011-09-04 00:00:58 by __ __
kaneelrystal meth.
added on the 2011-09-04 00:27:00 by superplek superplek
Ken Macleod
Alastair Reynolds
Iain M. Banks
Charles Stross
Neal Stephenson
Vernor Vinge
Greg Bear
Greg Egan
Larry Niven
William Gibson

and countless others.
added on the 2011-09-04 11:57:58 by uncle-x uncle-x
yeah, im gonna go with warhammer 40k scifi, and say that the Gaunts Ghost's series by Dan Abnett is the BEST LITERATURE EVER.

Apart from Dostojevsky, but thats a different kettle of fish.
added on the 2011-09-04 12:23:27 by nic0 nic0
The guys who wrote the bible made fiction so real it's still alive today, thus making them the best sci fi writers of all time.
added on the 2011-09-04 22:39:11 by thec thec
Bah, Maali beat me to it.
added on the 2011-09-04 22:39:49 by thec thec
William Gibson
Greg Egan
Orson Scott Card
Frank Herbert
Philip K. Dick
H.P. Lovecraft
Robert Heinlein
Isaac Asimov
added on the 2011-09-04 22:52:18 by flure flure
Stanislaw Lem - I can't read Polish, but Lem was translated very well to Spanish. He was a true genius.

@ham: did they translate Ijon Tichy's Diaries too? I'm curious because some of them are so heavy on wordplay that it made them practically unknown in the English-speaking world. I can imagine that a genius translator could probably conceive a decent Spanish translation of the 11th and 14th. Was there such a genius?
added on the 2011-11-28 14:22:15 by svo svo
Stephen Baxter for harder sci-fi. Some of his books seem like they're not sci-fi at all, but then you get to the wham parts, and oh, boy...

And on the other end of the sci-fi hardness scale, Dan Abnett for making Warhammer 40K genre fiction that's actually fun to read with memorable characters and set-pieces, instead of painful with terrible dialogue and awful pacing like most other WH40K "authors."
added on the 2011-11-28 17:11:02 by t-zero t-zero
I think I already said Peter Watts, but if not . . . Peter Watts

Read Blindsight.
added on the 2011-11-28 19:11:24 by metoikos metoikos
(don't ask me why I dislike his work, I have no good reasons)

If Neil Gaiman and Harry Turtledove had a disappointing freak mutant of a baby, it'd be Dan Simmons writing the Hyperion books. It's horrible and mediocre.
added on the 2011-11-28 22:42:23 by Shifter Shifter
Sorry to necropost but...

Scottish author Iain Banks dies of cancer, aged 59

Sadtimes :(
added on the 2013-06-09 22:57:43 by ringofyre ringofyre
Oh nice thread, I'll write down some names. Just started to read a lot of sci-fi and am hungry for more.
added on the 2013-06-10 11:20:10 by elend elend
Check out books by Paul Rice - Awakenings is one of his, though he has written quite a number of other sci-fi books and series too.

Most of his work is available in ebook format largely via Amazon's Kindle device (I believe the books should be available on other devices too), though I am of the impression that quite a bit of his work has made it to paperback and hardback editions in bookstores.
added on the 2013-06-10 11:46:14 by Felice Felice
Strugatsky brothers.
added on the 2013-06-10 15:03:34 by rutra80 rutra80
Have to add Hannu Rajaniemi to the list.
added on the 2013-06-10 16:40:26 by uncle-x uncle-x
R.I.P Iain M Banks. I'm a big fan of his sci-fi novels.
added on the 2013-06-10 23:33:57 by bloodnok bloodnok
^ Didn't mind the with or without "M", that said no-ones ever really come close to the concept of The Culture.
Going to slowly start rereading the back catalogue now. If I can find them.

On a tangent - which of his stories/books would make the best movie?
The Register said "Use of Weapons", Id go with "Player of Games".
added on the 2013-06-10 23:50:57 by ringofyre ringofyre


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