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Demoscener DJ sets

category: music [glöplog]
Very chill ^^ Time to fly, well, soon :]
added on the 2016-12-02 16:26:56 by SnC SnC
work that motherfucker
So this is a thing that's happening. Also apparently my tracker "group" is now my DJ act.
BB Image

Have a scene-ish (but modern sounding) house/italo/spacesynth track at 125-130 BPM that you want some playtime for? Hit me up.
added on the 2016-12-03 07:45:04 by jmph jmph

New 100% vinyl mix from me :) Disco, Funk & Boogie edits, Deep House & Nu-Disco
added on the 2016-12-06 17:48:33 by DanLemon DanLemon
jmph: The hell is "Janurary"? :D
Or is that on purpose? ;)
added on the 2016-12-06 20:58:46 by Tomoya Tomoya

ELECTRO for your listening pleasure!

Project STS-31 - Spiralgalaxie [Solar One]
KWC 92 - Missing [LIES]
Versalife - Shine Eye [Shipwrec]
The Martian - Sunchaser [Red Planet]
Sepalcure - Devil Inside (LA 4A Remix) [Hotflush Recordings]
Heimelektronik - Electronic Lifeforms [Electronic Corporation]
Jensen Interceptor - Microbial [Central Processing Unit]
Maelstrom - Listen (Not Waving Remix) [RAAR]
Secession - Touch (Part 4) [Beggars Banquet]
Remute - Gravity [Remute]
Giorgio Moroder - Lost Angeles [Repertoire]
Severed Heads - Dead Eyes Opened [Ink Records]
added on the 2016-12-09 12:05:47 by leGend leGend
lug00ber@SubPub 2016-12-09
Last of our club nights for 2016, back next year :)


Ulterior Motive - Inta National VIP
TREMAH & ANTHONY GRANATA - Nice & Close (Zero T remix)
Ulterior Motive - Radian
Fourward - Yung Bongo
Break - Who Got Da Funk
Halogenix - Shank
GERRA & STONE - Chicago
Ms Dynamite - Neva Soft (Nu:Tone remix)
Impish - With You
Logistics - Together
Matrix, Futurebound - Strength 2 Strength
Silence Groove - Only You (Silence Groove remix)
London Elektricity - Just One Second (Apex remix)
Grum - Straight to Your Heart (Legion & Logam remix)
Break - Ain't No Turnin' Back
Total Science Feat Riya - Redlines (Break Remix)
Chase & Status - Blind Faith (Loadstar Remix)
Break Ft. Kyo - Gave Too Much
Sonic - Piano Anthem (feat Diane Charlemagne)
Danny Byrd - Planet Earth
Frankee - Black Heart
Callide - HORNS 2016
Subsquare - The Drum VIP
Calyx - Are You Ready (Hive & Gridlok Remix)
Ed Rush, Optical & Fierce - Cutslo (Lokuste Mix)
Freeland - We Want Your Soul (Ed Rush & Optical mix)
added on the 2016-12-16 01:05:07 by lug00ber lug00ber
Simon Peter b2b lug00ber@Subpub 2016-12-09

Me playing back to back with Simon Peter closing out the night. A bit messy, as the end of a night should be :D


Audio - Headroom VIP
>> Calyx & Teebee feat Kemo - Pure Gold
Dj Marky, Spy - Kontraband
Telekinesis - Conspiracy
Dj Marky, Spy - Kontraband
Joe Ford - Stride
Spor - Aztec (Calyx & Teebee remix)
Michael Woods, Sam Obernik - Get Around (Roni Size remix)
Freestylers feat Pendulum & SirReal - Painkiller (Noisia remix)
Metrik - Make the Floor Burn VIP
Icicle feat SP MC - Dreadnaught (Phace remix)
Noisia - Block Control
Noisia - Running Blind
Breakage feat Jess Mills - Fighting Fire (Loadstar remix)
added on the 2016-12-17 13:20:45 by lug00ber lug00ber
So, the party where I was supposed to play in Cologne on Saturday night got closed down by "Ordnungsamt" 10 minutes after the beginning of my set... Sorry for everyone who wanted to come and probably found a locked-up place! On a positive side, the date gave me a reason to kick myself in the butt and come up with a new bass music set - which I recorded while rehearsing for the gig the day before, and since I didn't properly play in the end, I decided to put it up - a raw one-take, vinyl-only mix of UK bass music old an new:


mungo’s hi-fi ft. yellowman & mr. williamz – dubplate master – scrub-a-dub
tayo meets acid rockers uptown ft. pupajim – vampaaya (marcus visionary rmx) – scrub-a-dub
runtime – one in ten 2001 – maximum boost
flowdan – ambush – hyperdub
cessman – in the beginning – whodemsound
cuttle – back jah (alpha steppa rmx) – grand ancestor
mala ft. danay suarez – noches suenos (mala + simbad rmx) – brownswood rec.
johnny osbourne – fally ranking (v.i.v.e.k. rmx) – greensleeves
bukkha – one dub fwd – killa sound
jahyu – to the end of the earth & sea – trigram
infra – propulsion – f4tmusic
the widdler x oldgold – imperial – banana stand sound
bukez finest – under control – subway
bunzero – king lion (kahn rmx) – pressed rec.
wulf – community dub – lion charge
don fe – jericho – steppas
truth ft. werd2jah – war of the minds – deep medi musik
sekkleman – lightman – moonshine rec.
dub dynasty – we got dub – steppas
? – eazy tek it eazy – ruffcut
shackleton – i want to eat you – mordant music
james blake – limit to your love – atlas rec.
added on the 2016-12-20 00:43:49 by dipswitch dipswitch
Last mix of the year. Pre ham thawing jams in space!?
Enjoy Space Disco!


Flying Machines - Polar [Sounds Familiar]
Ketsueki Sakuru - The Judge [Giallo Disco]
Chinaski - Aber Dem Jenseits [Uncanny Valley]
DKMD - Sacrificio (Video Version) [Giallo Disco]
Ichisan - Metamundus [Bordello A Parigi]
KZA - Open Up (Slow Version) [Endless Flight]
Fantastic Man - Seaside Special [Permanent Vacation]
Sfire - Sfire 2 (Kris Baha '86 Remix) [[Emotional] Especial]
Mori-Ra & DJ Ground - Space Flight [Most Excellent Unlimited]
Cosmic Hoffmann - Space Disco [Emotional Rescue]
San Giovanni Bassista - Hot Socks (Alexander Robotnick Edit) [Bordello A Parigi]
Coeo - Light Star [Razor-n-Tape]
Patrick Cowley - Mind Warp [Ron Hardy]
added on the 2016-12-21 10:39:15 by leGend leGend
roskooppi-92 <3
added on the 2016-12-26 23:41:54 by gentleman gentleman

1.IntrobySilicon Graphics IRIS 2400 workstation (1985)
2.Jean-Michel JarrebyCaptain Blood - Title Screen
3.Stéphane PicqbyExtase
4.Stéphane PicqbyExtase
5.Stéphane PicqbyExtase
6.Stéphane PicqbyExtase - Main Theme
7.Maniacs of NoisebyOnslaught
8.Stéphane PicqbyLost Eden - Main Theme
9.Pierre Estève and Stéphane PicqbyAtlantis The Lost Tales OST
10.Pierre Estève and Stéphane PicqbyAtlantis The Lost Tales OST
11.Pierre Estève and Stéphane PicqbyAtlantis The Lost Tales OST
12.Pierre Estève and Stéphane PicqbyAtlantis The Lost Tales OST
13.Pierre Estève and Stéphane PicqbyAtlantis The Lost Tales OST
14.Kim WildebyIn Hollywood (Intro)
15.Tim FollinbyGhouls'n Ghosts
16.Tim FollinbyGhouls'n Ghosts
17.Yziby1987 Stockholm Amiga 500, 1987 Tukholma Amiga 500 ja Juggler-d
added on the 2016-12-27 00:23:25 by 1in10 1in10

space operator is back, playing with vinyls like only great men like larry levan or mickey oliver could before him.

#1 - crazy gang - every sunday
#2 - sandy marton - people from ibiza (ibiza mix)
#3 - phil collins - easy lover (dance mix)
#4 - night moves - transdance
#5 - lime - i don't wanna lose you

new vinyls are being stocked, i'm raising the stakes. see you soon. and also thanks for all the neat stuff in this thread!
added on the 2016-12-28 02:55:42 by superplek superplek
1.The Monster Squad (1987)by-
2.80's Commercialsby-
3.Cochin Moon (1978)byHaruomi Hosono
4.Mutant Xby-
5.God Talks To YoubyRobert R. Perkinson
6.Party Camp (1987)by-
7.Ganjasaurus Rex (1987)by-
8.Into The Heart Of Love (Cassette)byWoo
9.Ganjasaurus Rex (1987)by-
10.AmouragebyKlaus Schulze
11.Troll ValleybyWavestar
12.RainforestbyEmerald Web
13.Hercules TLJby-
14.Noise Of LightsbyLenny Mac Dowell
15.The Dragons GatebyEmerald Web
16.It (1990)by-
17.Ferris Bueller TV-Series s01e01 Pilotby-
18.Night of the Comet (1984)by-
19.She's Far From The LandbyJurriaan Andriessen
20.Solarbabies (1986)by-
21.Luke Cageby-
22.Wrong Is Right (1982)by-
23.The Monster Squad (1987)by-
24.Run Program: SentionautsbySinoia Caves
25.Eerie Indiana E03by-
26.L'Orizzonte A MilanobyClaudio Rocchi
27.The Computer Chronicles - Atari ST (1989) Dolphins And Sealsby-
28.The Computer Chronicles - Computer Musicby-
29.Isle Of SunbyEloy
30.Amerika (TV Mini-Series 1987)by-
31.Bobcat Goldthwait - Meat Bob (Side B)by-
32.80's Commercialsby-
33.Hei Kliffaa Hei (1985)by-
34.Black Mama White Mama (1973)by-
35.Crystal Castles (1983, Atari)by-
36.Bobcat Goldthwait - Meat Bob (Side B)by-
37.Hercules And Xenaby-
38.Bobcat Goldthwait - Meat Bob (Side B)by-
39.Invasion From Inner Earth (1974)by-
40.80's Commercialsby-
41.Korppi (The Raven)byJari Pitkänen
42.Bobcat Goldthwait - Meat Bob (Side B)by-
43.Hei Kliffaa Hei (1985)by-
44.Hercules And Xenaby-
45.Invasion From Inner Earth (1974)by-
46.Hei Kliffaa Hei (1985)by-
47.Hercules And Xenaby-
48.Electric Dreams (1984)by-
49.Corner Gas S02E17by-
50.Forever Dilating EyebySinoia Caves
added on the 2016-12-29 00:19:05 by 1in10 1in10
\o/ sPaCeDiScO \o/
added on the 2017-01-04 10:56:20 by SnC SnC
Well that was fun as shit.

BB Image

Belated new years resolution: play more fucking live shows in 2017.

Recording & video coming as soon as I have 'em.
added on the 2017-01-05 19:30:00 by jmph jmph
Also, somebody was apparently doing the robot during my set, so my life is now complete.
added on the 2017-01-05 19:41:05 by jmph jmph
I didn't realize it but the stream was totally recorded and saved. Go here:
...to enjoy the chaos. My set starts at ~46 min.

Expect cranky synths that wouldn't cooperate, really dodgy transitions between two completely un-synced Schism Trackers, too much kaoss pad, way too much noise gate, and me generally hooning around on stage like an idiot. For some reason our cinematographer decided to cut off my head and you can't see the big mob of dancers going apeshit in front of the stage. Needless to say it was a riot.

Huge apologies to Jakim & Corny for accidentally playing your track with the bass turned down on my mixer. D:

Playing live with this setup was a total experiment for me but it's too much fun *not* to do. A few things to fix but overall was happy with how it went. I have some Gopro footage from a better angle that I'll post as soon as I've finished editing it.
added on the 2017-01-06 11:50:00 by jmph jmph
A Lone Wave
#Coldwave #Postwave #Darkwave #Alternative #Dr.Who

1.The Ark in SpacebyDr Who 076
2.Lotus Eats Pale ReceiptsbyGenuflex
3.SueurbyBlind Delon
4.Ghost DancebyFemme Fantasm
5.Heart part IIIbyH ø r d
6.Speak (A V G V S T remix)byH ø r d
7.Cold SummerbyMareux
8.Silent EmpiresbyPlazas
9.CloudsbyPastel Ghost
10.TerritoirebyPolice des moeurs
11.GhostriderbyIn Death It Ends feat.Usher (Norma Loy)
12.ParadisebyWhite Hex
13.Zealots DevotionbyZanna Nera
14.FeathersbyShad Shadows
15.Blurring (Soft Metals Remix)byWarm Hands
16.SleepbyThe Basement
17.The Devils Trident (Oscillation remix)byTelepathe
18.DominobyPublic Memory
19.Big NothingbyBox and the Twins
20.BodiesbyDead Clouds
21.X-tallizedbySchonwald vs A V G V S T
22.Julius K. NyererebyAvgvst
23.AurorabyKimono Lights
24.Libra NightbyCirca Tapes
25.Never SurrenderbyStaccato Du Mal
26.KosmadomamamabyBad News from Cosmos
added on the 2017-01-08 08:58:45 by 1in10 1in10
added on the 2017-01-09 01:18:39 by 1in10 1in10
New mix from me and SaVannaH put together for the Festival Of Friends radio show.

https://www.mixcloud.com/h0ffman/hoffman-and-savannah-exclusive-festival-of-frie nds-mix/

01: 601 - Protest Dirty
02: Cellardore - Can't Take This (feat. Kerry Ann)
03: Defkline & Red Polo - Oh Sevre! (Look What You Done)
04: RacknRuin - Cross The Line (feat. Janai)
05: 601 - This Years Champion
06: Hoffman - Ghetto
07: RacknRuin vs Hostage - Dangerous
08: Stereo:Type - Under My Skin ft. Tali
09: Freefall Collective - Game Control (Instrumental)
10: Nixon - Muscle Head
11: Kove - Love For You
12: Cup and String - Still Deep In Love
13: The Freestylers - The Slammer
14: Backdraft - Labrat
15: Janner - Proteus
16: Davip - Sistema
17: D'State, Darkus & Tension - Dub Chemist (Backdraft Remix)
18: Randomer - Scapegoat
19: Schema - Jungle Rain
20: The Freestylers - Fall Down
21: Backdraft - Pon a Knife Edge (Warrior 1 Remix)
22: Habstrakt - Gimme Ft. Badjokes
23: Aotoa - Place Your Hands
24: Xilent - Choose Me 2
25: Hoffman and SaVannaH - Don’t Go (feat. Sanna Hartfield)
added on the 2017-01-14 21:08:30 by djh0ffman djh0ffman
lug00ber warm up set @ SubPub 2017-01-20

Opening set from our club night in Oslo. Mostly melodic dnb with some jungle towards the end as people started appearing on the dancefloor.

1 Back to Basics (feat Diane Charlemagne) by S.P.Y.
2 Primo by Clart
3 Riding High by Emery & Dreazz
4 Textured Red by Thomas B
5 Wait by Mysen
6 Perth Sunset by S.P.Y.
7 Everything About The Girl (Lomax remix) by Autumn
8 Dusty Fingers (feat Diane Charlemagne) by S.P.Y.
9 Morning Star (Break remix) by BCee
10 Spot Light by Dub Phizix
11 Frozen Leaves by Technimatic
12 They're Wrong (Calibre remix) by Break
13 Transference by Technimatic
14 In And Out Of Phase (Calyx & TeeBee remix) by Andrew Bayer, Kerry Leva
15 The Light From One (lug00ber bootleg) by Ane Brun
16 Rotate by Dub Phizix
17 American Hustler (Dephzac remix) by iBstract, Rokstedy
18 Typical Description (Calibre remix) by BCee feat David Boomah
19 Shining Bright (Abyss remix) by Alk-E-D
20 Killa Sound by Billy Daniel Bunter & Hattrixx meet The Ragga Twins
21 Oneness (lug00ber dubplate remix) by Million Stylez
22 Worldwide Traveller (Amen VIP) by Chopstick Dubplate feat Top Cat & Mr Williamz
23 Super Sharp Shooter by DJ Zinc
24 Good Enough by Serial Killaz
added on the 2017-01-22 13:56:34 by lug00ber lug00ber
lug00ber late set @ SubPub 2017-01-20

Closing set from the same night as the last set. High energy dancefloor and neuro with a couple of classic tracks snuck in.

1 Break Ya Neck by Mindscape, Kryptomedic MC
2 Aztec (Calyx & TeeBee remix) by Spor
3 Get Around (Roni Size remix) by Michael Woods, Sam Obernik
4 Rave Weapon by Mob Tactics
5 Neva Soft (nu:tone remix) by Ms Dynamite
6 How Love Begins (Delta Heavy remix) by DJ Fresh
7 Blind Faith (Loadstar remix) by Chase & Status
8 Gave Too Much by Break feat Kyo
9 Heartbeat (Calyx & TeeBee remix) by Wilkinson
10 Black Heart by Frankee
11 Horns 2016 by Callide
12 We Want Your Soul (Ed Rush & Optical remix) by Freeland
13 Chubrub by Ed Rush & Optical
14 Kontrol by Gerra, Stone & Cern
15 Get It Twisted by Calyx & TeeBee
16 Low Frequency (Calyx & TeeBee remix) by Denney
17 The Rukus (D.Kay VIP) by Technical Itch
18 Baltimore (Tech Itch & Dylan remix) by Photek
19 Social Disorder by The Clamps
20 Drift by Metrik
21 Give It To Me (DC Breaks remix) by Loadstar
22 Swag by DC Breaks
23 Arcade by DC Breaks
24 Where We Go by Calyx & TeeBee feat Doctor
25 Absolute Monster by Rene LaVice
26 Nice & Close (Zero T remix) by Tremah & Anthony Granata
27 Who Got Da Funk by Break
28 Yung Bongo by Fourward
29 Chicago by Gerra & Stone
30 Asteroids by Noisia & Prolix
31 Link To The Past by Loadstar
32 Therapy by Original Sin
33 Tone Poem by Dom & Roland
added on the 2017-01-22 14:02:09 by lug00ber lug00ber


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