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Breakpoint Syndrome

category: general [glöplog]
Outbreaks of norovirus infection often occur in closed or semi-closed communities, such as long-term care facilities, overnight camps, hospitals, prisons, dormitories, and cruise ships

glxblt: Sounds like Finland alright!
Dudes and dudettes...you just have to be sure to get enoughb alcohol and everything will be fine! I've the usual breakpoint-demoparty-jetlag, but that's all and I had every type of food at Breakpoint! :D
added on the 2010-04-06 22:23:46 by Raven^NCE Raven^NCE
good thing I just did number 1's on the toilets @ BP then :)
added on the 2010-04-06 22:55:52 by superplek superplek
how can you survive a long weekend of beer and kebab without doing a #2?
added on the 2010-04-06 23:15:52 by ted ted
added on the 2010-04-06 23:18:00 by havoc havoc
hotelroom :)
added on the 2010-04-06 23:18:24 by superplek superplek
BB Image
added on the 2010-04-06 23:49:17 by Sinar Sinar
should be renamed to Bingen/Breakpoint Stool Chart

BB Image
added on the 2010-04-07 11:19:54 by zurt zurt
Type 2 - 3 for the party duration :)

But type #1 oddly resembles the "Knusper Eier" by Milka that got skimmed
at the Globus-Easter-Heist :D
added on the 2010-04-07 11:41:24 by d0DgE d0DgE
umm im glad that my home city of Bristol has some input into the subject of demoscene bowel movements..
added on the 2010-04-07 11:47:26 by dv$ dv$
That chart is incomplete. It excludes the gaseous and plasma phases as well as the booze-einstein condensate.
added on the 2010-04-07 12:02:09 by 216 216
Type 8: Pulpous and sticky, strong curry odour.
added on the 2010-04-07 12:24:46 by doomdoom doomdoom
Well, I got the bug last night, but I think I shat it all out by now...


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