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category: general [glöplog]
In France, CPC sceners are like a family.
The same happens in Greece with the 99% of the PC scene :-)

here's an idea: are there cultural differences between parties in different countries? or are the differences caused by the people attending? what about parties like breakpoint that attract people from a myriad of countries?
That would be a very good article. Unfortunatelly it needs a lot of work, and maybe some visits to those parties (which requires money - something that i don't have). But it's a very interesting article and i'll try to do something on it...

The summary of discussions is a very interesting idea :-)
Also about getting some editors. This is a really good idea. I'll try with a post to the BBS...
added on the 2003-09-16 22:01:41 by BadSector BadSector
Hmmh... I'm been to demoparties in about 12 different countries and besides some minor differences they all have been mostly the same. One thing is of course that you always bring a bit of your own party culture with you when travelling abroad - for example I guess lot of you know salmiakki by now. ;) But still, someone might get at least a nice satirical article on the subject.

One thing Reed mentioned on nowadays diskmags is the lack of "good'n'old" passioned insights to the scene. Besides some fake group deaths there's pretty much nothing emotional to read - just serious business, tutorials, demo analysis and so on. Diskmags have been always more of an entertainment for me and whenever I read a new one I definitely don't want to get bored out of it. Still, good writers are rare and this ranting feels already stupid when I'm not any better at writing articles myself...
added on the 2003-09-16 23:00:24 by melw melw
well, even if certain people can't write articles, if they weren't ranting, the actual writers wouldn't know what to improve :P

badsector, of course such an article should be written by someone who's been to lots of parties abroad (as in, someone who's got lots of loose money :)
added on the 2003-09-17 14:52:48 by reed reed


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