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the Ultimate Meeting 2009 - We are very old

category: general [glöplog]
sry, far to go and other activities going on at the same time.. I have a party in about the same time at my place here in sweden which I invite people to so I can't just ditch that now. We will however watch if there is a stream from tum of course.
added on the 2009-12-05 10:29:29 by thec thec
tft: we visited TUM in 2006 and 2007 as far as I remember, however the only way we can go there is by train (a 13-hour bad and expensive trip), and in 2007 the trip back home was so bad and filled with problems, that we kind of didn't want to do that again.

However the party itelf is great - I just don't know how to get there in a nice way. (also, getting old means more family blah blah during that time, which means you will have to plan TUM in good time ;) )
added on the 2009-12-05 11:42:01 by Puryx Puryx
this party will rock like hell!
Yeah, more nordish sceners is the only thing I´ve missed at last years tum!

@Puryx: Maybe you could just travel to Hamburg and join some other sceners travelling from there?
added on the 2009-12-05 16:55:17 by T$ T$
TS: that might be an idea - I think it's too late to arrange this year for my part, though :)
added on the 2009-12-05 16:59:22 by Puryx Puryx
You can submit your remote entries NOW here.
added on the 2009-12-15 21:06:35 by D.Fox D.Fox

BB Image
added on the 2009-12-21 20:01:17 by benJam benJam
That's definitely NOT our liveact ;-)
added on the 2009-12-21 20:20:39 by D.Fox D.Fox
22. December 2009
Prepare yourself for the Ultimate News Countdown (tUNC tm)!

»the Ultimate Meeting 2009 - we are very old« news bulletin will keep you informed about up-to-date topics regarding compos, events, travelling and more... starting today. You'll receive anything important compiled in one newsletter per day until tUM starts.

Let's have a look what's already on...

Compolurker Tickets

For those who feel too fragile to experience three days of pure party-pleasure, we offer a componight ticket for € 25 which will be valid from 18.00h on the 28th. So join us on Monday evening to watch the competitions with us.

Supporter Tickets

For the first time we'll offer Supporter Tickets starting at € 75 for the bronze class and € 150 for the silver class. Visitors willing to pay more than € 225 apply for the gold class! Every supporter will be mentionned on our website and is included in our prayers. And you'll get a party T-Shirt for free, too!

DJ Live acts

This year we'll have two fantastic liveacts! On sunday night we'll have Buck & Roger who will perfom their mandatory beldisco dj-set! And "paniq's live DJ set – of doom" will be the highlight right before the Ultimate Demonight on monday!

Also, we'll have various famous DJ's spinning at the 2nd stage during the leisure time between the competitions!

the Ultimate Meat-Thing

Nuance are back and brought the Ultimate Meat-Thing(tm) with them! So enjoy a nice barbecue on monday afternoon – for free!

They also released a small inmeatro for the occasion. Get it here, look it up on pouet or watch it on youtube!

the Ultimate Breakfast

Thanks to our friends from Echtzeit, you can enjoy "the Ultimate Breakfast!" on tuesday just before the prizegiving! Also free of charge!

Physical and mental exercise

As usual we'll have some fun compeetitions for the body and fast competitions for the mind. More details will be announced at the party.

You can also read all about it on our website. We'll be back tomorrow with more infos!
added on the 2009-12-22 22:55:08 by D.Fox D.Fox
Compos - What's different?

Since we will use a HD-ready beamer (1280x720) this year, make sure that your demos and graphic releases match this resolution. Demos/Intros on oldschool platforms will be prerecorded and scaled to fit the max. possible resolution in 4:3 aspect ratio.

The Fixed Style Music Compo has been replaced by a Theme Remix Compo. The sample pack from the theme tune will be available over the party network.

Tracked Music Compo
We decided to tighten the rules a bit to intensify the oldschool flavor. Therefore newschool tracker formats will not be allowed anymore. For a special visual experience during the compo we will show the pattern view of XMPlay during replay of the entries.

Loop Compo
The rules for the Loop Compo have been changed to allow our compo orgas to create a mix of all entries.

Remote Entries
You can't come to tUM, but still want to compete? Then grab your graphic or music entry and upload it via our remote entry upload form. But be fast: the deadline for remote entries of all categories is 2009-12-24 12:00:00 (GMT+1) regardless of the deadlines in the party timetable.


Due to our main hall layout and the amount of table rows, we can't provide switches on every table. Therefore we encourage you to bring an own switch with you and share it with other sceners - 'cause we are family! We'll make sure that there will be at least one uplink on every row.

This year there won't be an official party wireless LAN. We may try to provide one, but as it didn't work out due to the many surrounding access points last year, we don't expect this to become better this year. So, don't forget to bring some LAN cables to wire you up.

You can also read all about it on our website. We'll be back tomorrow with more infos!
added on the 2009-12-23 22:32:54 by D.Fox D.Fox
it was OK last year...go visit....BUMPI BUMP
added on the 2009-12-24 10:50:39 by tFt tFt
Yes, come to tUM and celebrate Christmas with your real family !
added on the 2009-12-24 14:56:47 by DJefke DJefke
to all nordic sceners:
who drives to TUM from hamburg (and back)?
i need a ride!
can contribute a few $ for fuel
mail me at jazz@drjava.de thxxx
added on the 2009-12-24 23:12:05 by jazzman jazzman
Only 1 and a half day until tUM! \o/
added on the 2009-12-25 22:04:49 by Kuroto Kuroto
party party party \o/
I so fucking need some time off...tUM ahoi!
added on the 2009-12-25 23:31:38 by Raven^NCE Raven^NCE
The location-address to feed your navi with is:

Durlacher Festhalle
Kanzlerstraße 13
76227 Karlsruhe-Durlach

Travelling by car

Exit the A5 (Autobahn) at Karlsruhe-Durlach and head to Durlach. Turn right at the first traffic-lights and turn left after passing the post-office. Head straight ahead and turn right into the Kanzlerstraße.

Travelling by train

Take a train to Karlsruhe-Durlach. From the train station, it's roughly one kilometer to walk:
* Coming out of the train station: turn right and walk down the street
* Turn left into the "Bleichstraße".
* After crossing the "Raiherwiesenstraße" take another turn to the left into the "Blotterstraße".
* After a short 80 meters, turn right into the "Christofstraße".
* Keep on walking (crossing two other streets) and take a right turn into the "Kanzlerstraße".
* That's where you need to be. Keep on walking until you arrive at the partyplace.

Travelling by plane

We'd suggest you to travel to the Frankfurt airport which has good train connections heading directly to Karlsruhe.
If you're flying with Ryanair, you'll most likely be kicked out of the plane at Frankfurt-Hahn airport, which has a shuttlebus-service called Hahn-Express that's heading to Heidelberg every couple of hours. Once you are there, take the "S3"-train to Karlsruhe-Durlach station.

Check here for a detailed description and some maps

If you feel too fragile to sleep on the floor you can stay in one of the nearby hotels. Check our hotel subpage for further information.
added on the 2009-12-26 00:47:03 by D.Fox D.Fox
Sleeping in hotels is for couch-sceners anyway! ;D
added on the 2009-12-26 22:54:26 by Raven^NCE Raven^NCE
Live Stream available or "go to TUM if you want see it" ?
added on the 2009-12-27 13:55:31 by Chainsaw Chainsaw
go to TUM if you want see it
added on the 2009-12-27 14:40:48 by styx^hcr styx^hcr
I would like to go, but I can't :-( But now, there is a live stream :-) http://2009.tum-party.net/live
added on the 2009-12-27 17:46:29 by Chainsaw Chainsaw
Yep, the stream is here!
added on the 2009-12-27 18:18:32 by D.Fox D.Fox

Nice party theme + "execution" btw.
added on the 2009-12-27 18:19:38 by wullon wullon
the stream sound is low, here


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