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A new demo by K-Storm : Eternal Dreams.

category: general [glöplog]
Alien english doesn't kill the demoscene.
added on the 2002-11-27 18:03:58 by skarab skarab
added on the 2002-11-27 18:13:22 by dairos dairos
um... we can see that in the prod list, thank you.
added on the 2002-11-27 18:38:14 by jazzman jazzman
I guess, flood kill the demoscene ;)
added on the 2002-11-27 18:43:11 by skarab skarab
I guess Skarab is extremelly enthousiastic about his demoproductions, very happy to announce it two the people around, even if we already got it :)

Reminds me my very first times when I have opened that crazy thread about my 1st demo ever, accompanied with the Quickbasic1.1 compiler in the Zip and Pkzip itself too! ;P

What a time?! It was better when I was newbie, life was so sweet but now it's just plain shit. (Wow, another rhyme for another scene bogetry demo ;) Nostalgia...
added on the 2002-11-27 18:55:12 by Optimus Optimus
added on the 2002-11-27 19:01:40 by skarab skarab
at least you're one of the likeable spammers ;)
added on the 2002-11-27 19:03:10 by jazzman jazzman
optimus, why don't you just kill yourself?
Lobster thermador ecrovets with a bournaise sause, served in the purple salm with chalots and overshies, garnished with truffle pate, brandy, a fried egg on top and spam.
added on the 2002-11-27 20:16:24 by graffik graffik
skarab: please stop spamming about your new demo. as it's already mentioned; they -do- appear on the "recently released"-list, and if people comment on it, it will appear on the "recently commented"-list aswell. when it leaves those lists your demo has gotten it's 15 minutes of fame and it's time to start on your next one. :)

personally i don't think it was that good. work some more on your camera-movement and please use bigger (and better) textures than 128x128. also; texture-coordinates are a good thing. :)
added on the 2002-11-27 21:46:51 by gloom gloom
English alien (if somebody could traduct this:) :
When i've wrote the thread i didn't remember my first goal, i've only remembered that i had to add a thread, so i can try to explain why i have start this :)

We are looking for a graphist 3d !!!
Now i remember !!
So if you have time necessary for creating 3d scenes using 3ds, please contact me !
added on the 2002-11-27 22:58:20 by skarab skarab
aquaduct? fetishist? what?
added on the 2002-11-27 23:24:31 by sagacity sagacity
everything, 3d scenes like our last demo... With walls rooms, ...
added on the 2002-11-27 23:51:33 by skarab skarab
Our demos are "abstraite" (traduct please), so the graphist could create what he wants, like strange worlds with strange objects moving, or reality world (more difficult i think, but not more beautiful).

added on the 2002-11-28 00:06:47 by skarab skarab
Sad to see that Skarab is killing Pouet BBS like some french iRC channels ...

You should learn demomaking instead of being so stupid
added on the 2002-11-28 00:54:43 by asphyx asphyx
Asphyx, you ban people when you don't like them, even they don't speak, do you know what demomaking is ? please, buy a brain before speaking of "stupid". I'm happy to see that you know write, it's impressive ! Thumb up !
added on the 2002-11-28 00:58:06 by skarab skarab
traduct = translate
abstraite = abstract
graphist = graphics artist
added on the 2002-11-28 01:54:08 by jazzman jazzman
skarab = moron
added on the 2002-11-28 02:23:53 by _ _
skarab: your demos arent "abstraite", they are very non-abstract. in fact; they are flybys. boring flybys... with bad (and boring) cameramoves, terrible textures and no sync. please consider doing some more designing rather than getting more 3d-people involved.
added on the 2002-11-28 03:44:26 by gloom gloom
Skarab: lamers/newbies like you are sooo boring... stop wasting your time in making awful shit like "Eternal Dreams"...

And please, change your "demos" names: Eternal Dreams is a perfect and beautiful BBS, not like your boring slideshow...

added on the 2002-11-28 07:23:12 by asphyx asphyx
i don't see what's wrong with clueless newbies and their first attempts to do something that faintly resembles a demo.
of course it's crap. it's always so.

but please, quit jumping around and shouting "hey look at this it is my first demo it is very good it has a 3d-scene and a music player"
so, why not sit down and watch some 10000 demos and see how everything you tried to do is done 1000 times better before.

i mean, not to let you down or anything.. really
added on the 2002-11-28 11:38:13 by 216 216
asphyx: for someone who thinks of hiimself as a scener, you show incredibly little scene spirit.
added on the 2002-11-28 15:51:17 by jazzman jazzman
The only scene spirit i need is absolut vodka ;P
added on the 2002-11-29 15:16:45 by graffik graffik


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