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First demo ever? Emak Bakia!

category: general [glöplog]
I forgot from which year the stuff shown at breakpoint was, but this is a 'demo' from 1926!

Emak Bakia
added on the 2004-10-05 01:04:59 by okkie okkie
ouch! 321.4Mb
added on the 2004-10-05 01:10:56 by p01 p01
I didn't know they had the .mpg format way back in 1926. That definitely must've been a technical break-through for the time.
... Amiga had .lzx/.lzh but many demos come in a .zip
Your "joke" isn't even a bit funny. ;)
Well fuck, I had to write something whilst that monstrosity was downloading...
Hey that's cool a must have for every real scener ;-)

It contains dramatical funny music and the first sine scroller i think and many many more nice stuff...
added on the 2004-10-05 03:00:06 by wickedz wickedz
lots of nice stuff, but it's wild-animation, not demo.
added on the 2004-10-05 09:51:58 by las las
1926? Pah... Plato already organized the first demoparty thousands of years before:
BB Image
added on the 2004-10-05 10:06:20 by havoc havoc
very cool indeed.
added on the 2004-10-05 10:24:03 by p01 p01
I'm not sure, but I think at BP were following movies from Oskar Fischinger shown:

  • (1931) Studie Nr. 6
  • (1931) Studie Nr. 7
  • (1935) Komposition In Blau

More Information about his works you can find at the internet.
impressive fx.. interference, metaballs, wobblers, environment mapped 3d-stuff,etc.etc.. ;)
added on the 2004-10-05 12:38:24 by toxie toxie
Big thanks for the link Okkie, some parts of the movie are a bit boring, but some are really worth watching.
after all i thought it was muslimgauze who came up with emak bakia.
added on the 2004-10-05 12:46:46 by dalezr dalezr
havoc: wow, Plato's allegory of the cave, I didnt expect greek philosophy on pouet, you raised the level like never before on those threads ;)
added on the 2004-10-05 14:47:39 by keops keops
Heron of Alexandria built an automaton theatre some time between 10 AD and 70 AD, wouldn't that be more of a demo?
added on the 2004-10-05 14:59:49 by jobe jobe


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