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CodeCraft#4 - RISC OS-only online demo compo - Deadline 03/Oct/2021

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It might be a bit hidden in the Wild-Releaes of Revision here. So to give it some more attention and have a thread open to any question I'll leave this here.

The CodeCraft series was an online demo compo hold already 3 times back in time when there were actually some nice groups and single coders active in the Acorn demo scene. It was also open for tiny tools and tiny games. So I thought it's about time after 20 years (!!!) to revive that as I saw generally an interest in the platfarm...as the OS is still alive today, thanks also to the latest Raspberry Pi hardware more powerfull than ever.

So I coded that invitro to give things a start. Special thanks for the music goes to Saga Musix and Exoticorn for some additonal code !

Cheek out the compo website here (thanks to Sensenstahl for the webspace): Codecraft#4

...now you got 6 months to prepare your RISC OS code ! Categories are 256 Byte Intro/Game, 1 KByte Intro/Game, 2 KByte Tool, 4 KByte Intro/Game ...just like 20 years ago...I just added the 256 Byte category :-) Entries can be handed in all the time until deadline.

On that website you'll find also all the links to the first 3 issues and all the cool releases back then.

Anything welcome, no platform limits as long as it's on RISC OS - oldschool Archimedes or latest Raspberry Pi -

Yes, RISC OS has it's limitations (e.g. for the recent hardware no shaders, no multicore, lack of software in general)...but it's a very slim OS and the built in BASIC is still superb and very powerfull, including Inline Assembler, ports of other coding languages are there, GCC runs well...GNU Assembler was used for the intro above.
added on the 2021-04-07 18:34:22 by Kuemmel Kuemmel
Nice initiative! Would be awesome to see some old groups like DFI and ArmsTech make a comeback :)
added on the 2021-04-07 20:10:35 by spike spike


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