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Superogue's sizecoding micro blog: Writeups for Homogenic, Nanorail, Enigma and more...

category: code [glöplog]

I've been writing a little about sizecoding from time to time, so i figured i might share this with the rest of you lot, as it might be of interest to some...

my sizecoding microblog

It contains writeups about our productions: Homogenic, Nanorail, Enigma and the recent Outline online invite, as well as some other sizecoding related articles.

Writeups for the recent Rush and Microdose intro's will be added in the near future as well.

Let me know if there are specific topics you would like to read more about and i can consider these for future articles/posts as well.

added on the 2020-05-28 04:04:59 by superogue superogue
nice =)

you could integrate (or at least link) it into http://www.sizecoding.org/wiki/Case_Studies to have all the good stuff in one location =)
added on the 2020-05-29 10:03:27 by HellMood HellMood

Great idea! sizecoding.org is the goto website if reference to people asking me about sizecoding, so this might be a nice addition.

I've added the writeups for Homogenic , Nanorail and Enigma to the case studies.
added on the 2020-05-29 12:34:31 by superogue superogue
why not to write at sizecoding wiki?
added on the 2020-05-29 15:12:55 by g0blinish g0blinish
will do. i'm happy to submit a bunch of sizecode related stuff directly to the wiki. let me take a look at this over the weekend and see if its good/informative enough for the wiki.

the personal blog i will also keep as more of a record of my personal journey and rambling about sizecoding, and the demoscene.
added on the 2020-05-29 17:25:42 by superogue superogue
although it wouldn't make any difference for 128b prods I guess, but have you ever tried FASM instead of NASM? since you made you first assembly steps back in the nineties like me - FASM is like TASM on steroids and much simpler ... great prods by the way!
added on the 2020-05-31 17:56:15 by Asato Asato

I've looked at FASM, but i prefer NASM these days as it allows me to do a little coding anywhere on any platform (from within Freedos on a USB stick i carry around, Win32, Linux, Mac.
added on the 2020-05-31 21:15:07 by superogue superogue
FASM is multiplatform too and the DOS version comes with an IDE :)
added on the 2020-06-01 08:41:24 by Asato Asato
I'll have another look at the DOS version then.

I've also added a few small tidbits to sizecoding.org over the weekend (more like notes as hellmood did a great job covering most stuff already)
added on the 2020-06-03 16:58:18 by superogue superogue
Detailed Write up for my intro Microdose (Winner @ Outline Online 2020 128 byte intro competition) has just been added to the blog:

added on the 2020-06-06 18:13:49 by superogue superogue
Finally got some time to add a few more blogposts:

WriteupStory about the development of Rush (our 256byte intro from Outline Online 2020) as well as a few tales from my early encounters with the demoscene back in the 90s.


Writeups for Haiku (@party 2020) and Fluxus (Flash Party 2020) are up next ;-)
added on the 2020-07-29 16:05:52 by superogue superogue


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