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platforms with no productions

category: general [glöplog]
Atari XE+:
Atari 800XE+Rapidus 65c816+Ultimate1M+VBXE
added on the 2016-11-23 10:13:45 by elan elan
added on the 2016-11-23 11:41:08 by g0blinish g0blinish
DataSAAB E2500 BB Image
added on the 2016-11-23 12:18:21 by dubmood dubmood
Yes but not 65816 Rapidus turbocard only demo...
added on the 2016-11-23 13:11:38 by elan elan
+sinclair ql
added on the 2019-10-14 11:30:05 by g0blinish g0blinish
+sinclair ql

Been done already :)

added on the 2019-10-14 12:02:40 by britelite britelite
Productions with no platforms?
added on the 2019-10-14 13:44:27 by nagz nagz
Depends on how you define platform, perhaps the spykladd series could be counted as platform-less?
added on the 2019-10-14 14:25:17 by El Topo El Topo
how about this ?
BB Image
added on the 2019-10-14 20:26:32 by g0blinish g0blinish
MicroTan 65 ?
BB Image
added on the 2019-10-14 21:38:59 by baah baah
wiiu maybe?
added on the 2019-10-14 22:50:40 by 100bit 100bit
Demosplash usually has some demos on obscure/rare systems either competed or presented.

FM Towns - https://www.pouet.net/prod.php?which=78815
Fujitsu FM-7 - https://www.pouet.net/prod.php?which=78816

PC Jr. - https://www.pouet.net/prod.php?which=72289

It's a great party with an awesome retro computing corner.
added on the 2019-10-29 02:46:27 by elblanco elblanco
NEC PC FX I think.
added on the 2019-10-29 08:23:32 by Optimus Optimus
BB Image
The SAGE radar system
added on the 2019-10-29 12:02:08 by El Topo El Topo
I think we can find a few that haven't been mentioned on this page:

I hadn't heard about the Casio Loopy before.
added on the 2019-11-15 09:38:40 by El Topo El Topo
I hadn't heard about the Casio Loopy before.

recently read a articel about the Loopy in the Retro Gamer 04/2019 (german mag):
"Obwohl das Loopy etwa ein Jahr nach der PlayStation erschien, orientierte sich Casio bei der Leistung eher am SNES, das damals in Japan den höchsten Marktanteil hatte. Das Resultat war ein 32-Bit-Gerät mit Spezifikationen irgendwo zwischen diesen beiden Systemen."
added on the 2019-11-15 10:07:32 by RufUsul RufUsul
Any RISC-V demos yet?
added on the 2019-11-16 16:42:13 by porocyon porocyon
RISC-V is a cpu architecture, it's like saying you make z80 demos :)
added on the 2019-11-16 20:58:37 by El Topo El Topo
Sharp PC-E500
Sharp PC-1403 / PC-1403H
added on the 2019-11-17 21:51:07 by zstab zstab
El Topo: I know, but there isn't much hardware that has such a CPU, because it's quite new.

So uh, is there any hardware out there with some kind of display and a RISC-V CPU? (Does ferris' FPGA thingy do anything yet?)
added on the 2019-11-17 22:09:28 by porocyon porocyon
The Amiga CD32 is just an Amiga 1200 with a minimally usable (slow) Chunky2Planar converter chip, and a CD-ROM drive. I mean theoretically you could write something which uses the Akiko and intentionally fails everywhere else, so you could claim it's a CD32 demo, and then Stingray (or someone) would make a 200 byte patch in 15 minutes, which would do the same thing faster on a 030 CPU on an A1200, and then your demo would work on any AGA Amiga, so what's the point. Plus I'm fairly sure there are demos already which utilize the Akiko chip when detected (in case you expanded your CD32 to a full-blown computer, in case it will just run any Amiga software).
added on the 2019-11-17 22:15:50 by Charlie Charlie
There’s at least one demo for the CD32.
It could be a somewhat interesting platform for a more or less stock a1200 demo but with CD audio soundtrack. Obviously it would make sense to have a version for 030+fast memory amigas with ADPCM audio.
added on the 2019-11-17 22:28:22 by dodke dodke
at least two demos for the cd32 :D
added on the 2019-11-17 22:33:33 by 100bit 100bit


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