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TRSAC Berserker edition - 21st - 23rd of October 2016

category: parties [glöplog]
Looks like such a cool party when I watch it on the stream, great atmosphere and seems like everyone has so much fun. I really hope I can make it there one year. Thanks for playing my acid track and intro too.
added on the 2016-10-23 22:19:44 by drift drift
Actually, does anyone have a recording of the Acid Compo

Yo yo yo .. I had a livestream on facebook from most of the compo but I'm quite sure that Hazel / Scenesat has something a lot better than that.

https://www.facebook.com/avinderslev/videos/o.1148276115237078/10154624136639814 /?type=2&theater
added on the 2016-10-23 23:27:20 by dwarf dwarf
@Sesse, great looking picture and especially the video :D Thanks!
added on the 2016-10-23 23:31:41 by dwarf dwarf
someone BETTER have a recording of that acid compo! :D

added on the 2016-10-24 12:52:15 by farfar farfar
All entries uploaded to scene.org - waiting for admin to move them to public folders.

I'd like to sincerely apologize to Fizzer and Sunspire for not showing their 8k, Blue Morpho, correctly during the 64k intro compo.
This is my fault, since I handled the remote entries.

Catched up at bit of sleep now, but need MOAR SLEEP :)
added on the 2016-10-24 12:57:25 by Puryx Puryx
THAT video though!..... and thoose "singing" sceners...
added on the 2016-10-24 13:00:55 by Puryx Puryx
added on the 2016-10-24 13:10:19 by Gargaj Gargaj
@Puryx: TRSAC organizing should definitely start The Real Scene Amazing Choir.
added on the 2016-10-24 13:50:36 by Sesse Sesse
Thanks as usual for the AMAZING party. Seriously, absolutely made up for missing last year and then some!! :D
added on the 2016-10-24 19:43:37 by ferris ferris
It's been my very first TRSAC ever, but holy shit!!!

What an awesome party?!

We must come back next year as well (we just have to figure out how to make the 2x17h driving a bit more EZ ;-) ).

Thank you so much for the organizers, the friends I'd already had (and thus we'd partied like hell), for the new friendships I've made and for the great entries as well!
added on the 2016-10-24 19:52:37 by Maugli Maugli
ferris (and hoffman) with that 64k you've made up for a lot :) <3 <3 <3
added on the 2016-10-24 19:55:44 by farfar farfar
It's been my very first TRSAC ever, but holy shit!!!

Comments like this is why we do it and what makes it worth it
added on the 2016-10-24 20:09:42 by dwarf dwarf
added on the 2016-10-24 20:10:13 by farfar farfar
Hahah, I missed that conga line.
added on the 2016-10-24 20:15:52 by Sesse Sesse
Alright .. So now I've somewhat recovered and want to make a status.

The effort or sheer enthusiasm all of you put into our themes are amazing. What we want to create is a PARTY and not "just" a demoparty. But we can't make it so ourselves, it takes an effort from our guests as well, and you fucking delivered! ... again!

That some of you spend more time on travelling to/from our party, than the whole party lasts, is pure dedication that we truly adore.

So reserve your calendar now! - 20th to 22nd of October 2017!

Btw. how did you feel about dividing the hall into clans? (Do we do enough, or wasn't if worth it either way?)

I also want to apologize to:

Dodge, for not having turntables, that was poor planning on our behalf.
Everyone for letting Lug00ber win the quiz again
The two persons who didn't get their T-Shirt, please contact me if you didn't get one.
Tobias for not getting a shirt, even though you paid, blame the half-german main-orga(n) for that one. :)

.. i'll make the list longer later, I gotta go back to bed.

added on the 2016-10-24 20:50:04 by dwarf dwarf
farfar: thanks! don't forget wobble :) (credit fixes on pouet pending)
added on the 2016-10-24 20:56:11 by ferris ferris
No bother, dwarf, that's what happens when busy people (almost all of us in their own ways of life ... getting old 'n shit) forget to shout the word ;)
For 2017 I'll definitely will drop a line about obsolete Mikrorillentonträger that I'm about to bring to an obscure party at the outskirts of Århus.
added on the 2016-10-24 21:06:47 by d0DgE d0DgE
For 2017, you will drop BASS!

(or 90s jungle)
added on the 2016-10-24 21:24:19 by farfar farfar
TRSAC used to be a nice little party, but in recent years it has turned into an absolutely awesome party :-) I love the atmosphere, the themes and the incredible quantity and quality of entries in the compos. I almost feel like I was the only one in the hall who did not submit an entry - that won't happen again next year...

I liked the idea of the clans, but maybe you could use it more. The "click for your clan" entry was a fun use of the clans. There is probably other interesting possibilities with the combination of a big screen and 150 smartphones / computers. Something fun and silly where it isn't all that important who wins or looses.

Thanks for a great and smoothly executed party
added on the 2016-10-25 00:00:56 by giddy giddy
Everyone for letting Lug00ber win the quiz again

I didn't, Mead Grinders did. Clan in da front!

Once again a fantastic party, it's incredible how you manage to stay so fresh after all these years. Thank you for doing it, all of you :)

Some random thoughts:
Quality of compo entries were great, with the graphics and acid music compos pushing the level hard!
As giddy pointed out, the clans (groups) could probably be combined well with newer technology. If you keep with the group idea I'm sure you'll figure something out.
DJ booth (and AV in general) was awesome, shoutout to the Alexanders!
Lots of awesome people everywhere, I think the way you set the atmosphere and the tone of the party makes people follow suit.

Thank you to everyone who danced and/or complimented my sets, and to the people who randomly brought me beer while playing the (highly improvised) beer & schnapps break (which was a lot of fun to do, but I still hope you remember turntables for dodge next year :)

PS: apologies to poobrain-jesus for losing your headphone splitter, I'll make it up to you the next time we meet :)
added on the 2016-10-25 09:37:25 by lug00ber lug00ber
Thank you for the awesome party!!! And thank you for everybody who danced and sing to TRSAC hymn with me. That was on my bucket list so I can die happily. :)
added on the 2016-10-25 09:59:14 by Vickey Vickey
Since you asked: The clans was pretty much a no-op thing for me (although I wasn't there at the quiz, where I heard it mattered a bit more). Didn't detract, didn't really add anything, mostly confusing. Having nametags was nice, though :-)
added on the 2016-10-25 10:54:09 by Sesse Sesse
Sesse: your postcard has been sent today - let's hope it makes it way home :)
added on the 2016-10-25 12:10:22 by Puryx Puryx
added on the 2016-10-25 14:15:14 by Sesse Sesse
My first TRSAC was a blast. Super fun! Count me in next year with more filthy Acid and yaaaaaaaaaaa-a-a-aaa-aaaa's! :)

Thank you guys for making this such a cozy weekend!!!
added on the 2016-10-25 14:40:03 by rp^frstl rp^frstl


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