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luminescence formed

category: general [glöplog]
hello. i just heard a call to devote my life to coding demos. i formed a new group called luminescence. i am looking for anyone interested... coders, artists, groupies. you can be from anywhere, of course i hope we can meet. in finnish lumi is snow :) http://snowcxby.kapsi.fi/
added on the 2016-05-03 19:43:04 by snowcxby snowcxby
Cool! That sounds like the perfect way to spend a life!
added on the 2016-05-03 21:11:18 by visy visy
Now go make a demo about it... oh wait, that's the plan, isn't it?
added on the 2016-05-03 22:11:29 by urs urs
Yep, you´ll love your new life! :)
Don´t forget to visit as many demoparties as possible! ;)
And good luck with finding members for Luminescence; hope to see sth made by you soon then!
Now you exist ;) => this. Good luck and happy hacking!
added on the 2016-05-03 22:21:46 by cxw cxw
cxw: you glöp thief!
added on the 2016-05-03 22:29:30 by ferris ferris
And if you need webspace for your groups website, you can apply for that right here.
There´s also space for files, so you can use it as group-ftp! :) (just read the ABOUT-page!)
ferris: get 'em while they're hot! ;)
added on the 2016-05-03 23:06:17 by cxw cxw
For the record there has been discussion of having a pruning script that occasionally removes all groups, so don't get your hopes too high :)
added on the 2016-05-03 23:49:07 by Gargaj Gargaj
all groups

well that sounds convenient
added on the 2016-05-04 11:13:26 by aegis aegis
Don't forget to visit Outline!
>Outline 2016 - May 5 to 8 - Willemsoord, The Netherlands<
added on the 2016-05-04 17:03:02 by numtek numtek

No Amiga? No party! :)

Which systems you support? Do you have more info?
added on the 2016-05-05 15:48:44 by AlienTech AlienTech
[Scratches head] Aren't new groups announced with a release any more...?
added on the 2016-05-07 13:29:42 by TMR{C0S} TMR{C0S}


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