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Demos for standard Amiga 1200?

category: general [glöplog]
Recently acquired an Amiga 1200 and fitted it with a Gotek drive.
Now I'm looking for demos that actually run on this machine, unfortunately most "AGA"-releases needs harddrive+060 CPU+lots of fast-RAM, so filtering by that doesn't help much.

So far I've enjoyed Roots by Sanity and the incredible Nexus-7 by Andromeda (one of the best demos ever).
Any more recommendations?

I recall that there were some OCS/ECS releases lately that needed a 020 and 1 or 2 mb chip which I guess would work fine on this machine as well, but I can't recall the demonames or the groups that made them.
added on the 2015-10-17 20:52:28 by Sdw Sdw
Love of course.
added on the 2015-10-18 00:04:35 by Optimus Optimus
I think some Polka Brothers demos too like this or this
added on the 2015-10-18 00:06:59 by Optimus Optimus
Check Unexpected by Steroid.
Also Full Moon by Virtual Dreams.
added on the 2015-10-18 01:49:27 by ham ham
Also, you can try some Dekadence demos like Are We Dead yet? and Sliced & Diced (this last not an AGA demo but it's cool and must work fine).
added on the 2015-10-18 11:22:15 by ham ham
Lech by Freezers, a must to see!
Control & Vision by Oxygene, real masterpieces!
Switchback by Rebels.
Origin by Complex, one of the first AGA demos and still rocks!
Real by Complex.
added on the 2015-10-18 12:27:35 by mayday mayday
also: Syndrome by Balance
The breath of the muse by Chryseis
Qed 2 by Talent

They are all optimized for stock A1200 and should run with a fine framerate.
added on the 2015-10-18 12:56:55 by Frequent Frequent
and before I forgot:

Emptyhead by Rednex
Quackbusted 2 by Rednex
Impulse 2 by Tilt & Old Bulls
Numb by Movement
Big Time Sensuality by Axis
Picturebook by Axis

Also runs fine on standard A1200
added on the 2015-10-18 13:08:03 by Frequent Frequent
Now I'm looking for demos that actually run on this machine, unfortunately most "AGA"-releases needs harddrive+060 CPU+lots of fast-RAM, so filtering by that doesn't help much.

Maybe filter by platform and order by date then? I suppose most of the older releases (as this thread shows) would work on the original configuration, and most modern stuff requires a 060 etc.
Omg, I still missed some of these demos, remember the earlier days I bought an A1200 just for the demos, and sold it for a Dreamcast. Maybe I should buy another one again.
added on the 2015-10-18 13:51:59 by Optimus Optimus
The Team Hoi Saga of course. I believe those were the first ever AGA demos. They claim so at least:
added on the 2015-10-18 15:46:22 by Scali Scali
Thanks all for your suggestions! Lots of great productions that will make some nice demowatching nights. :)
added on the 2015-10-19 00:34:37 by Sdw Sdw
What Sdw said!
added on the 2015-10-19 19:48:57 by lvd lvd
Don't forget about Motion Origin 2 by Bomb http://www.pouet.net/prod.php?which=5436
and Maximum Overdrive 2 by Rage http://www.pouet.net/prod.php?which=9106
added on the 2015-10-20 10:15:03 by Aki Aki
...and Pee Wee / Complex is cool http://www.pouet.net/prod.php?which=3089
added on the 2015-10-20 10:17:00 by Aki Aki
and btw....

Wit Premium by Freezers
Soulkitchen by The Silents
Gevalia by Polka Brothers
Noname by Polka Brothers

runs mostly fine on standard A1200
added on the 2015-10-20 17:56:01 by Frequent Frequent
And when mentioning Polka Brothers, don't forget Friday at Eight!
added on the 2015-10-20 19:16:15 by Blueberry Blueberry
Fruit kitchen by The Silents - 1995
added on the 2015-10-20 19:30:48 by nytrik nytrik


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