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The case for banning temporarily Hardy

category: residue [glöplog]
Dear Gloperators,

It seems evident (to me at least) Hardy has crossed the yellow lines way too many times with his "comments" since 18th of May 2015 up to tonight.

I therefore think and ask he please be banned, temporarily at least (let's say a week to be human), to cool off in the corner :
- he's compared me to "a close friend of Adolf Hitler" (while paradoxically his Hitmen friend said I was a "funcking Jew" in #scene) ;
- he's threatening me with physical violence ("Come and get some!" "instaDeath " "harm") ;
- hes's accused me of being EP and encouraged others to lynch me ("EP aka Cosmik aka KozmikTRSi aka Baudsurfer is really insane!") ;
- he's been "fucking" me a dozen times publically ("FUCK YOU! Come and get some!") ;
- and all this with intimidating empty emails from his "colleagues" like the one at the end of this post, and calling me an "idiot", "dumb" and other names.

Up to tonight, and since 40 days, I didn't respond to him so not to fuel his enthusiasm or give a bad downer image qurrel on this site, and even upthumbed his mediocre prods in order to try to make some truce.

It does not work. It does not work because I sincerely feel you as gloperators and Admins of this website are actually the ones that should handle him and not I.

He just got a new job and quit smoking, he's obviously also very relentless these past days : he needs to cool off imho and not think that "liberty of expression" means you can harass people endlessly without consequences.

I'm a grown man. I have a steady job, a 9 year-old daughter I raise alone every day and a demogroup I organize every night on my spare time. I always try to stay as positive as possible and helping others.
But I cannot and do not wish to deal with such teenagers or wrecks.

I can take some heat, harsh comments etc...But this is something else. You really need to blow the whistle.

Kind regards,

P.S : don't fall for false pretexts or try to justify his behaviour for there are alas no justifications (we can understand yes surely, we're humans after all).

Oneliner :

2015-05-18 21:04 ?????. What the fuck? 10 years after he returns with such an answer? EP aka Cosmik aka KozmikTRSi aka Baudsurfer is really insane! Guess this was his project until he found out he´s finally good at something...which is tynitros! Or maybe he just spaghetti-copy-pastes those just like this post!

2015-05-18 21:04 ?????. 21:18 ?????. he is obviously! unlock referred to him as "Kozmik" on page 2! He claims to be french, Baudsurfer claims to be canadian! ;) He is insane under both handles! Same insanity in words and cleverness! Also he talks of "Empire"s in his post -> NextEmpire! He lies and slanders people under all his handles!

2015-05-18 21:04 ?????. 21:29 ?????. I know the scene is full of freaks, some more insane, some less, me a lot! But those proportions of insanity are seldom! ;) Also he posted with a banned account, meaning he must be good at low-level-coding...fits! The writing-style is very much the same aswell, eventho he tried to hide it this time!

2015-05-18 21:04 ?????. 21:37 ?????. Baudsurfer: why do you REassure to Gargaj about this? Sounds like you got almost caught before! :p If i am wrong on this i won´t even regret anything, as opening a group, which resides in a Coop at the same time, an impossibility!, is an INSANE thing to do aswell! :p

2015-05-18 21:04 ?????. 21:44 ?????. maali: Thats maybe just your perception of mine! :p A completely subjective statement so to say! But we havent talked for more than two burps in a row at all anyway yet! ;) But you´re right, and i am ok with being pretty insane! :D Baudsurfer is KozmikTRSI atleast, insane enuff for you?

2015-05-18 22:11 ?????. NOPE! Oneliner: 2015-05-18 : 15:35 : Serpent : moar drama please ...blame him! :p Also i won´t ever say sorry to someone having slandered almost all of my friends only because he was an idiot and got thrown out because of this and not being able to handle it otherwise!

2015-05-18 22:22 ?????. SnC: exactly! But we never met any Baudsurfer on the major parties we go to! There aren´t even any hard feelings, which in other Collectives would have meant instaDeath would have been cured already by us drinking a beer together and him resigning of his idea to have TWO RSIs at the same time! ;)

2015-05-18 22:37 ?????. Ok, everything resolved now, Scali is EP, i am c0c00n, KomikTRSI renamed to Baudsurfer and grew up, but atleast "A guy called Dirk Ohlerich aka the King of the scene (Chaos/FB)" is still the most talked of! WelcomeTo2001!

2015-05-19 21:37 ?????. Baudsurfer: just so you know, i weren´t asking for more Respect...i made a Statement about us having no Respect towards you! We investigated a bit and at the time you claim to have opened your BBS you were just 3 years old! :p I am a pretty new member of TRSi,so i cannot ask for more Respect at all!

2015-06-01 23:37 ?????. TomoAlien: no hardies towards french ppl in my oneliner! Just (not!-ab)using bad words reserved for (not-ab)solute favourites of mine! ;) I am maybe born in Germany, but i am a frenchie myself in the end, concerning this words real meaning! Vive la Resistance! :) Jáime un grosse BIT!

2015-06-11 00:13 ?????. fuckings to kewlers...and rsiToday! (rsiToday==BaudsurferOnly)

2015-06-13 13:04 ?????. Baudsurfer: Fuck you! Rest: Greetingz! :)

2015-06-14 18:56 ?????. fuckings to baudsurfer, greetingz to every demoscener around the globe!

2015-06-14 20:31 ?????. fuckings to baudsurfer && Kimble, greetingz to every demoscener around the globe, except the first mentioned ones! (HAPPY NOW ?)

2015-06-15 01:45 ?????. FUCKINGS to Baudserver! Greetingz from TRSi!

2015-06-15 08:23 ?????. FUCKINGS to Baudserver! Greetingz from TRSi!

2015-06-22 23:18 ?????. Fuckings to ButtServers; Greetings to DemoServers! ### illegal Butts over spectral Servers in my mind ###

2015-06-22 01:37 ?????. Nah! The Scene exactly knows the matter! ;) And i even put names! So there´s nothing left to say about it! ;) Maybe just one more thing: if noones cares, i will care even less! ;)

2015-06-25 08:29 ?????. Baudsurfer: Check the PENIS! http://www.pouet.net/prod.php?which=4502

girl basic 2k by Red Sector Inc. [web]
**** BAUDSICK 64 BASIC -2.0 ****

1 ?"AM I DUMB? ";
2 ?"- SURE!"

isokadded on the 2015-07-02 23:22:58

4kMS-Dosgirl basic 2k by Red Sector Inc. [web]
Idea is good, but not new! see Windows-Themes! :p
I don´t even thumb this, as it´s a fakeprod, not made by the group it states to be made by! Needs sorting/Nuking first! 8-P
isokadded on the 2015-06-30 21:53:24

128bMS-Dosdeus faber by Red Sector Inc. [web]
"Can´t get enuff of this Sierpinski-SHIAATT!" :D
Carl Bling by Carl B aka FuckingKewlerz
rulezadded on the 2015-05-19 23:11:26

128bMS-Dossun road by Red Sector Inc. [web]
What also satisfies me is being a member of TRSi...not because of a big name in the scene, but because of finally having found the perfect bunch of people to work and party with! ;) We all are having a good time here...except of your behaviour, which we dont care about anymore, but cared about for some 2-3 weeks! Bad weeks we had there, you should be ashamed, maybe not if you´re what you pretend to be! ;)
Anyway: Find yourself a fitting Group where you can have as much fun as we have! Only if you want to get away from TinyTros and need Graphics/Musics/AddCode for something bigger...if you plan to continue releasing SmallTros you won´t be in need of any Group at all anyway! ;)
Sorry for walls of text in your prod-page, but someone has to take actions about our matter here, you know it! ;)
isokadded on the 2015-05-19 22:56:56

28bMS-Dossun road by Red Sector Inc. [web]
Wow, good job!
You keep surprising me!
There may be no Respect towards your person from us in TRSi right now, but me atleast respects your achievements!
You know most other TinyTro-Coders go Groupless?!! Maybe you should resign from wanting to be a member of a big GroupName and just do the same as them! ;) (Believe me, i have been in several Big GroupNames and it never ever satisfied me at all! What satisfied me was getting good reponses to my prods, just like here on pouet or at parties after compos! ;) )
So, please try to visit some European Party in the Future, if possible for you, so we can finally settle our Issues about Group-Names and get Friends already! ;)
In Europe every Scener is friend with every other Scener! ;) We are the second Family noone else has! So, if not possible for you to visit us here on our continent, please atleast reconsider your ways of thinking about the scene! :)
We got old an cozy, you know! Big Bad Cuddlerz!
Going Solo will yield all the Respect you deserve only towards yourself! Not towards some imaginary Group only you take for real! (way too many ppl tried to bug me at Revision this year about you being fake and so on...i only always said: "We dont care!" ...and the answers went like "We/Me neither, but we/me thought you´d do!" :/ )
You asked for new members here on Pouet in a Thread...and noone answered, that should be a BIG sign to you, that noone is interested in a second RSI at all, most people even say its a bad stunt you are performing there, exactly how i feel about it! ;)
Man Up and Let Go! ;) Even if you are what you pretend to be...please just act as clever&smart as your code is, finally! ;)


hArDy. / TRSi (Tristar (TRS) !&AND&! Red Sector Incorporated (RSi) )
Hardy / Scoopex -> Amiga
Hardy / Dual Crew -> Amiga
Hardy / Shining -> Amiga
Hardy / DCS (Dual Crew/Shining) -> Amiga
c0c00n / Bonzai Bros. -> Amiga
c0c00n / Vision -> Amiga
c0c00n / Savage -> Amiga
c0c00n / Phun -> Amiga
MayDay / XYZ -> Amiga
Crackhero / TIM (The Iron Men) -> c64 1988

...all of those Groups are dead or atleast sleeping, still i didn´t/won´t just reopen them on my own decision! :p And i have been a member of all of these once! ;)
rulezadded on the 2015-05-19 22:46:53

Ok, sorry, you know me, i got drunk and "found a solution" ;)
I (once again) did use this Thread wrongly! ;)
But it all made sense (in my drunk brain) when i posted in here!
I won´t even open ANOTHER thread about this shit!

Here´s an actual fixmebeautiful:

All of the prods of this Group since February 2013 are fakeprods, NOT actually made by this Group!
None of the contributors to these prods have been on any memberlist of this group, ever! Also this Group is dead since 1993 (c64) and 1991 (Amiga), with two exceptions, which have been party-stunts by actual ex-members!
Not really, they only cooped with another Group named Tristar and this CoOp ist still going on! But releasing under the RSI-Label is only allowed with acceptance of all members of TRSi on special occasions! (just for fun!)
added on the 2015-06-24 22:15:25 by ?????.

fix ME beautiful, but here i go:
Baudsurfer: FUCK YOU! Come and get some!
added on the 2015-06-25 08:24:13 by ?????. ?????.

ix HIM already! ;) Stupid, all of this, especially his attitude!
added on the 2015-06-25 08:26:27 by ?????. ?????.


Starchaser: I think if you want someone to actually do something about your BBS post you need to concisely spell out what it is you want them to do; your post is a little rambling.

This == wrong Thread? I DO NOT THINK SO! READ AGAIN!
First line == PermaBan Liars!
(That hard to do?)
Thanks for the Cube, i´ll put "Revanche" on you with some strange Cubes at some time, but...

My Answer::Oneliner:

?????. Nah! The Scene exactly knows the matter! ;) And i even put names! So there´s nothing left to say about it! ;) Maybe just one more thing: if noones cares, i will care even less! ;)

German Bonus:
Hans Solo (Äi-Tiem-Posse) - Es kümmert mich nicht!
added on the 2015-06-23 01:54:43 by ?????. ?????.

PermaBan Liars!

Whoever tries to split our beloved scene into pieces by keeping lies alive should be perma-banned!

We all know our Scene and whoIsWho and WhoDidWhat, so why can someone come here and terrorize us? (i know i am terror myself, but i dont tell lies to terrorize you atleast! ;) )

A Liar is a liar, stays a liar and will be a stupid liar forever! Who needs a liar at all?

Let him have his own Pseudo-Scene for himself already by banning him atleast from here!
Maybe the next we´ll see is him announcing demos for 3€ each on some Homepage noone ever visits!

Everyone knows whomme talking of here!

Can we have our freedom of this stupidity already, please?

Fuckings to KOZMIK/Baudserver, Greetings to everyone else in the scene or even around, just watching! ;)
(He´s an idiotic liar and we won´t take it too much longer if there won´t be consequences....altho i am just speaking on myself, because i am not an organizer of the real (T)RSi ! )

1000jähriges Reich == NextEmpire -> He´s not some major asshole, he is the Mayor of all Assholes!
And he would be a close friend of Adolf Hitler, if possible! Everything points towards it!

This == wrong Thread? I DO NOT THINK SO! READ AGAIN!
added on the 2015-06-23 01:15:46 by ?????. ?????.

Empty emails :

Date: Mon, 13 Apr 2015 23:37:45 +0200 [13/04/2015 23:37:45 CEST]
De: oliviex.poudxdexfree.fr France
À: Zvonko Potezica <potezica@yahoo.com>

oliviexxpoudadx@xxx.fr a écrit :

> Hello Martin,
> Didn't understand why you were writing me.
> Zvonko Milenko Potezica (Martin Robenspieller)
> Director at TRSi demogroup
> ex-Hacker at Red sector.
> Ok. Nice to meet you :)
> Baudsurfer/Red Sector Inc.
> Zvonko Potezica <potezica@yahoo.com> a écrit :
>> Martin

Date: Tue, 14 Apr 2015 06:33:45 +0000 [14/04/2015 08:33:45 CEST]
De: Zvonko Potezica <potezica@yahoo.com>
À: "olixixr.poxdaxexxree.fr" <oliviex.poudadxxfrxe.fr>
Sujet: Re:
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nothing means, bye

On Monday, 13 April 2015, 7:07, "olivixxxpouxxde@free.fr" <olivxxxpoudadexxree.fr> wrote:

Hello (Martin ?),

Why exactly are you mailing me your first name for ?

Zvonko Potezica <potezica@yahoo.com> a écrit :

> Martin
silicon valley called, they want their autism back
First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Socialist.
Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.
Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Jew.
Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.
<-- baudsurfer (d9935315@ircip3.mibbit.com) has quit ("Please comment "The case for banning temporarily Hardy" http://www.pouet.net/topic.php?which=10404")

added on the 2015-07-03 01:24:07 by xTr1m xTr1m
Maali, do you consider Hardy's behaviour as "proper behaviour" yourself (as in deviant healthy like it's tolerated in some places on the net with penis here and there) or do you think he has gone overboard ? I think he has gone overboard.
I have to wake up in 4 hours and a half.
Thanks to others that may find *and point out this time* (a lot of friends on irc think so but don't feel the need to express themselves - the silent majority as coined) this is not tolerable forever.
just ban all those ghettosceners once, for all, forever.

problem solved.
added on the 2015-07-03 01:32:29 by groepaz groepaz
...I'll just go to sleep. Too much Internet for today.
added on the 2015-07-03 01:33:45 by Gargaj Gargaj
Much as I do agree with you BS that hardy can get a bit over the top...
BB Image

Sry, had to be done.
added on the 2015-07-03 01:37:07 by ringofyre ringofyre
baudsurfer: hardy's behavior is that of a poor drunk who posts crap on pouet when he shouldn't (a breath-lock on his browser wouldn't hurt). nonetheless, your initial post reeks of unhealthy psychological issues that are beyond alcohol abuse (i assume you were sober over the period you were collecting your evidence) and require some professional counselling.
when in doubt, more drama!
added on the 2015-07-03 02:10:46 by psenough psenough
hardy yourself against hardy so that you can hardy while hardy hardys.

aye it's definitely zzz time.
Baudsurfer: If you need sleep, what about just turn off the PC instead of poueting? I'll do that right now so i can hardy while sleeping.
added on the 2015-07-03 02:13:17 by fgenesis fgenesis
can we have hardys take on this?
all i see i lots of text copy pasted..can someone prove me its legit?

people saying that they are victims don't always tell the truth.

not to blame anyone.
but decisions made hastly without both sides..well..
irak and wmd's pops into mind;)
added on the 2015-07-03 03:16:37 by 1in10 1in10
Maybe we should take this to reddit. Oh wait.
added on the 2015-07-03 08:14:28 by numtek numtek
And that's why I don't do much alcohol, can't control that shit :D
added on the 2015-07-03 08:14:55 by SnC SnC
Oh yeah, forgot:
BB Image
added on the 2015-07-03 08:18:16 by SnC SnC
I am ONLY EVER doing the Pouet-BBS-thing when drunk...
...i am a professional Pouet-Troll! ;)
AND i am very sick of Baudsurfers´Fake-RSI-Group-Thing going on! ;)

If you consider me being drunk when posting AND being very, very angry about SOMETHING at the same time, i am more than humane in all my "stupid" posts! :p
(Atleast most of my posts make sense and my english is not only understandable, but also spelled right! ;) )

I didn´t even read the initial post, gotta drive to work now! ;)

### Illegeal Thread over Night ###

(Time to weekend, turning 37 on Sunday, lots of Booze will flow, ban as much as you want, i won´t be close to any Computer anyway! ;) )
"Can´t get enuff of this Sierpinski-SHIAATT!" :D
Carl Bling by Carl B aka FuckingKewlerz

-> I even gave you the Reference...and you still didn´t get it, use it "against" me instead! ;) Watch more Demos, stupido!
No Idea who sent you emails btw, i didn´t! ;) And i know i didn´t even when drunk, because of BackLog! ;)
And that's why I don't do much alcohol, can't control that shit :D

That's why i don't do ANY alcohol anymore ;]
added on the 2015-07-03 08:49:50 by ringofyre ringofyre
Coming up next: the return of EP.
added on the 2015-07-03 08:50:22 by Defiance Defiance
This is why I don't do any pouet anymore :)
added on the 2015-07-03 09:03:49 by Scali Scali
Haha well said Scali :)
added on the 2015-07-03 09:12:03 by SnC SnC
i won´t be close to any Computer anyway!

What a relief. Because your constant spamming of prod comments and BBS discussions has been really annoying the last couple of weeks.
added on the 2015-07-03 09:12:24 by Kylearan Kylearan


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