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ltk_tscc: indeed. but next time please also provide a link to the original one like for prods :)
Hi, you may remember me from a violent troll fight I had with a goddamned sock puppet operator just a little under a decade ago on this very forum.

I won't name the bastard but he was killed too, so it's all good.

I totally understand why my account was blocked at the time and indeed I was prepared for such a thing. But time has passed, Almost ten years if I recall correctly.

I don't see Foo anywhere on Pouet for many years now. So I thought it might be a good time for me to politely ask if I might not have my old account back now. I really would rather use my personal email rather than my work email for my registration to Pouet.

There is a problem with this prod: it's an animation/video
added on the 2017-05-03 14:45:12 by Flashy Flashy

a) wrong thread
b) you're asking for a favour, but at the same time slinging insults at (former) staff members? good luck with that!
added on the 2017-05-03 15:20:57 by havoc havoc
Refresh my memory, what exactly happened here?
added on the 2017-05-03 15:47:46 by Gargaj Gargaj
This prod is invitation for this party. Thanks!
added on the 2017-05-03 23:10:10 by miker miker
Unlike comments below this prod, please change compo to gamedev one.
added on the 2017-05-03 23:15:41 by miker miker
Gargaj, it was around the time of Syntax party 2008. I would rather not remind too much you of what a pain in the arse this must have been for you. But I will try to jog your memory.

It was YOU who contacted me personally and politely asked me to please stop and that you would ban SoLo2 (Foo was 'ere) and all this cunts sock puppets. But that i must also be banned too.

Not only did you contact me but also Ript, and Ript asked what i was up to too, because this was uncharacteristic behaviour for me he wanted to know what was up.

SoLo2 was a sock puppet for a fake scener and was really upsetting a number of people I knew personally with diagnosed schizophrenia and I felt that I had to act. I also recall a few other dubious characters got involved with their sock puppets and also got banned.

This is what I consider to be a win.

It was a tricky battle because many sock puppets assumed the identity of real sceners and I could not necessarily tell who was who.

And personally I was using something a little bit like a "blue box" kind of 3G modem to engage in this little skirmish. That much you may recall.

Oh and who did I insult? Are you telling me that SoLo2 is the alter-ego of an administrator?
I will of course endeavor to find the correct channel of communication for this unusual request, but as I was asked a question I had to respond to it. Thankyou for your time, please contact me personally if you require any additional clarification.
miker: both done :)
SoLo2 was a sock puppet for a fake scener and was really upsetting a number of people I knew personally with diagnosed schizophrenia and I felt that I had to act.

Hm. Tell me more about this.
added on the 2017-05-04 12:50:23 by Gargaj Gargaj
It was a tricky battle because many sock puppets assumed the identity of real sceners and I could not necessarily tell who was who.

In this case, can you point me to specific posts?
added on the 2017-05-04 12:54:35 by Gargaj Gargaj
Hm. Tell me more about this.

Gladly, but I would rather do it off the public record. Surely you can understand there are several good reasons why I might not want to talk about potentially illegal activities using my real handle in a public forum.

I have endeavoured to contact you via another community portal in which we are in contact, but if this portal (pun:) is not acceptable to you then there are other means of communication we could try, as long as I do not have to subsrcibe to a service I am not already using then any one of those with some kind of private chat option would be the best option.

In this case, can you point me to specific posts?

I can absolutely do that, because of how the Pouet.net BBS works these are of course archived for all time :P

But this will also require me to spend AT LEAST (sorry for raising my voice to you mate:) several hours trawling the BBS and oneliner archives and I am currently a very busy man.

If you look for any of the oneliner posts by SoLo2 shortly before the user got banned, (or maybe just quit?) you would see the offending commentary which annoyed me so much, he or she was clearly mocking people who suffer from psychotic symptoms. (I'm more of a manic depressive kinda guy myself but still picking on the disabled is a dick move)

But I can say that some lame trolls from sites like 4chan got involved, not because I invited them, but because when a popular community site seems to be having a troll fight then that is the kind of thing that makes such a silly person as a four chan poster get wood.

It was both hillarious and horrific I seem to recall.

Oh, and I can see because he chose to insult me (in a very childish manner:) by bastardising my other real handle in his response to me that another scener here who is active in the demoscene has some recollection of this unfortunate incident in our scene's recent history. Maybe he could shed some light on this issue from another perspective.

But as he pointed out this maybe not be the right thread to continue this discussion.

Anyway the fact that you seem to have forgotten all about this indicates to me that we have no ill will between us and that is most pleasing to me. I am pretty sure that we have at least one mutual friend in the real world. I will not be posting here to this thread agian if I can avoid it. Please respond to my chat via that other community portal.

Oh, and thanks Gargaj for your tireless efforts maintaining and administrating this invaluable database of demoscene productions. I'm not particularly interested in having discussions on the BBS unless I can't avoid it, but I still visit regularly to see the latest Amiga demos. And I might actually have some missing content for your archives. Notice that I have already located and documented one M.I.A. Disaster Area production from FlashBack 2011 competition.

I am also working on locating a DA^VZY music disk production which was unfinished and unreleased but fully-functional too. This is the only kind of contribution I am really interested in making to Pouet. The BBS has always been a lot of noise really in my opinion. Like YouTube comments only for obscure demos :P But don't let me stop you.

As you were...
Oops, it seems when I said 2008 I meant 2009. Anyway I must go no my giraffe is on fire.
There is a problem with this prod: it's a invitation for evoke 2002
added on the 2017-05-05 11:40:32 by Flashy Flashy
^ done.
added on the 2017-05-05 16:04:48 by tomaes tomaes
There is a problem with this prod: group should be 2000AD.
added on the 2017-05-05 21:44:07 by phoenix phoenix
There is a problem with this prod. The s-shot got f**ed up, heres corrects one: http://images.tinypic.pl/i/00898/1eiau4bp70kk.gif
added on the 2017-05-05 21:57:05 by miker miker
There is a problem with this prod: party/compo/rank is Assembly 1995, pc demo, not shown.
added on the 2017-05-06 18:58:24 by phoenix phoenix
Done. ✓
added on the 2017-05-07 19:36:47 by tomaes tomaes
Ruby Rhod's Rock'n'Roll Deathspheres by Hackers Media Industries
working link here:
https://files.scene.org/view/parties/2015/simulaatio15/newskool_demo/demotape3-g it.zip
added on the 2017-05-08 02:28:14 by B1aSz B1aSz
Just read the big red box - subbmitted link
added on the 2017-05-08 02:57:48 by B1aSz B1aSz
There is a problem with this prod: ...

this is NOT a Scoopex release.
this was released under Surprise! Productions (it is even written in the green text) while S!P was a member of TRSI.

also it is a Dupe and already correctly added here: http://www.pouet.net/prod.php?which=21271
added on the 2017-05-08 12:18:03 by elkmoose elkmoose
There is a problem with this prod: ...

DUPE (again by ThunderSCX) with wrong name, already added here: [link]http://www.pouet.net/prod.php?which=3180[/link]
added on the 2017-05-08 12:20:22 by elkmoose elkmoose
There is a problem with this prod: ...

name should be "Vectrex" or "Vectrex Intro" not vector surprise
added on the 2017-05-08 12:22:22 by elkmoose elkmoose


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