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ReBoRn by Spöntz [web]

           Reborn (Final Version)
        w w w . s p o n t z . o r g


This project is the fastest one we developed.
Many groups collaborated with Spöntz to get this demo.

We would specially thank for their collaboration to Marc,
from Breeze, that helped us with some 3D models,
MadGoblin that came from Collapse with a lot more of 3D
stuff, Drumu from Zona Neutra, for the loading screen,
Xphere (Zona Neutra too) for the loader progressbar
fixing and some text functions (very useful for the
realtime debugger) and Trace (ThreePixels) for his support,
ideas and 2d gfx.

The demo was ended in less than 30 hours during about
seven days. The music was composed through the internet
in less than 5 hours in 2 days. We got a special version
of inferno, our demoengine, supporting layered effects
and image realimentation.

The prod has been tested in tnt2, geforce and radeon chipsets.
We cannot guarantee a proper behavior under other conditions.
A Pentium III or better computer is recommended, altough this
should work in older computers too, but slowly.

We don't use extensions, for compatibility between platforms.

Enjoy it! XD

                                            The ReBoRn team


	Merlucin (merlucin@spontz.org)
	Kolian (kolian@sponte.org)
	Xphere (xphere@spontz.org)

	Dynimix (dynimix@spontz.org)
	Merlucin (merlucin@spontz.org)
	Jano (jano@spontz.org)

3D models and textures
	MadGoblin (madgoblin@collapse.org)
	Marc Andreoli (marc@mandreoli.com)

2D graphics
	XiMac (ximac@spontz.org)
	BlackSix (blacksix@spontz.org)
	Drumu (drumu@zonan.org)
	Trace (trace@threepixels.org)
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