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Project Genesis by Conspiracy [web]

 C O N S P I R A C Y
    Project Genesis 

        product infofile

 This is the final version of our first intro, which won
 the 64kb competition at the Breakpoint 2003 party.
 The final features a new and faster engine, several bugfixes,
 a few timeline changes and a new precalc screen.
 Furthermore, five of the existing scenes have been improved or
 altered in some way, and there are two completely new scenes.
 And all this resulted a smaller filesize ;)

 [ Credits ]

         boyc - main intro- and tool code / concept / design

       gargaj - synth code / additional sync / design

     innocent - music & samples

          mrc - additional effects code

     vincenzo - music & samples

         zoom - design / graphics / modelling / concept

 [ System requirements ]

   For an enjoyable show you'll need a 600+ MHz processor,
   an OpenGL compatible videocard (NVidia preferred),
   and a directsound compatible soundcard.

   If you have a powerful videocard, turning on antialiasing
   is highly recommended.

   There are also some useful command line parameters:

     -windowed    guess what? :)
     -m0          set resolution to 320x240
     -m2          set resolution to 800x600
     -m3          set resolution to 1024x768

 [ Some statistics ]

   The final version contains 131294 triangles and 82441 vertices
   in 490 objects, 22 of which are distorted in some ways,
   in 47 scenes (47 scenes in the editor, some of these were used
   together, rendered in multiple passes). The largest scene is the
   gear scene, containing 36508 polygons. For timing and synching,
   416 events were used, 26 of which were used to render to a texture,
   these 26 events covering 75% of the timeline (Thus 75% of the
   rendered scenes was postprocessed with some 2d filter).
   For the visual improvement of the objects, 53 textures were
   generated, each with 4 layers (atg stye, this sums up to
   39.75 megabytes of raw image data), but only 100 of these
   212 layers were used as materials, the rest was used as buffer
   during the texture generation process.
   All the graphical data (the scenes, the textures, the animation and
   the timing events) are contained in a 57035 byte long projectfile,
   which occupies ~22k in the final compressed executable. 41 samples
   were generated for the music, with the total length of 4165666 bytes.
   The music itself is 9:14 long, which would take about 100 megabytes
   in a 44.1khz 16bit stereo wave file.
   The music, the player and the sample generator take 18k in the
   executable (stub included), and the engine to do the rest (generate
   textures and 3d geometry, render, animate, handle the window, and
   play back the project file) is 24k with the flag effect included.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Legal stuff:

  This production is demoware. Its sole purpose is to show off the
  abilities of its creators. It may be copied and distributed
  freely as long as you don't modify the contents of this archive
  and you don't charge any fee for it.
  This package is provided as-is, we can not be made liable for any
  damage it may cause.
  You may present it at public events, but we'd appreciate a mail
  just to see where this release ended up. You may put it on a
  CD bundle or in a newspaper also, just let us know.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
 (C) Conspiracy 2003.                Signed by boyc & zoom, July 2, 2003.
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