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Ban the Orphan by Fearmoths [web]

                       The Fearmoths
                       	. Are Back .
		Presenting our first Windows release....

		    * BAN THE ORPHAN *

Last night I had a dream about an old house. I heard the voice of Slovenly Mick telling me to go inside.....

Turn out the lights, crank up the volume, invite some glue sniffers round and then prepare to witness my darkest nightmare. 


Shanethewolfthedog, The Various Slime Creep and Uncle Boose decided to reform the crew that brought you legendary Amigo productions like The Ear Brothers and John Thaw.

To help us in our plight to conquer the PC scene we have recruited the following new members:

The Incredulous Hulf - Trumpet practitioner.  
Teat - Bee keeper and tormentor.
Ultimate Gas - Precautionary organ donor. 


Shane got into a fight with his gran after spreading a rumour about her best friend, Mable. The Various Slime Creep counted his teeth and Uncle Boose reckons he saw a dinosaur.

Special thanx fly out to Memon/Moppi and Xoos for their contributions to this release. Additional shouts go echoing towards all our fans, friends and enemies on the Amigo scene.  


If you would like to contact me or any of our slovenly friends, send an email to:


And don't forget to check out our previous Amiga releases, available at all good demo stockists:

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Showtime 15 promo (Fearmoths)
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                            FEARMOTHS 2003
                           Bring in the Meat!
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