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Joyride by HARD Software

"Joyride" megademo by Hard Software, Hungary, 1995.
For compy party held in Orneta Poland, August 1995.

Two enhanced density (Atari 1050, 127K per side) bootable disks.
"joyridea.dcm" and "joyrideb.dcm"

As with Hard's "Cool Emotions" demo, you may skip to any part of a demo
by holding OPTION+SHIFT+number during bootup, where "number" is the part
you want to get to.

Press most any key to skip to the next part (usually).

Side 1:

1. Joyride introduction containing sythi-digi music and great intro

2. a. Sinus-wave scroller (letters rotate as well as scroll up/down!)
   b. Plot tunnel (like going through a water slide).

3. Plain colorful sinus-wave scroller with prerendered 3D raytraced
   image of a juggler juggling three glass globes! (From the Amiga)
   "behind" the scroller!

4. 3D landscape (hills/valleys) created with ploted dots.

5. Scroller text plotted onto spherical, circular, etc. 3D shapes!
   (Some fish-eye lens effects, for example.  16 effects total!
   Go to next effect with [SHIFT] or just wait a while.)

Side 2:

1. Hard Soft bios.  3D side-scrolling starfield on upper left corner,
   scroller line in the middle, logo at the bottom.  Images (in 16 shades)
   of members on upper right corner with bio information to the left
   (in 2 color high res!).  Images morph from one member to the next!!!

2. a. Bouncing image (much taller than the screen) of all Hard members.
   b. Interlaced multicolor plasma (control with [SELECT] and [OPTION]).

3. a. 16 shade fire effect.
   b. High resolution multicolor(!) image of hands.
   c. 16 shade images of faces which rotate 2-dimensionally and spiral!
   d. Sinus plotter with filled circles for points.

4. a. VERY COOL 3D checkerboard layers! (each layer has solid colored
      checkers and empty spots where you can see the layers underneath
      it).  They fly up at you.  Needs to be seen to be believed!
   b. Cool 4-color "laser" sinus plot show (previous frames fade away
      giving a phosphorus effect)
   c. Greetings (big text appearing on the screen to the fast-beat music).
   d. "The End" screen with a movie-film line scroll of all of the
   e. Credits.

  No simple blank screen loader.  Not even just a countdown loader!
  This plays great music and has a 3D high resolution animated display
  between each part!  AWESOME!

Description by Bill Kendrick.
Thanks to Tamas Bene of Hard Soft for sending the copy, and to
Tomasz Tatar for going to the Orneta party because Hard Soft couldn't
be there.
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