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Skrätzh by Ümlaüt Design [web]

                 ___   _____                      _____   ___
          ________) \___)   \_  __          __  _/   (___/ (________
     ___ __)                 /_/ (__________) \_\                 (__ ___
     \__\\___________                    _  _            ___________//__/
    ______     .___| _____   ____     __//_//_  ____   ___!__    _____
   _)  __/_____|   !/    /___)   \____\___   /_/   /___\__  /___/    /____
   \_______    .   /   _/    /____/   ___   __    _    ____/   /    _    /
       /______/|___\   \____/\_______/_____/ /___/ \___\___________/    /
           ________|\____/                               elD_______\____\
           \_____      _         S K R Ä T Z H        _      _____/

                                   an intro

                               Ü  M  L  A  Ü  T

                               D  E  S  I  G  N


                              T O W E L  2 0 0 3


  Basic concept
  Main system + effect code + syncs
  Modelling + textures + design
  Music ................................... Gargaj

  Generator code fixing ................... Procyon

  Texture-generator + interface ........... Vercy

  Nifty l33t ASCII-logo ................... Elend
  MiniFMOD Sound System ................... Firelight Multimedia
  Exe-packer .............................. Dulek/XT
  3DS loader (for conversion) ............. Charlie & MRC! / Inquisition

  No real requirements considering the CPU, a Pentium-II is quite enough.
  Obviously the faster, the better.
  The videocard tho is quite important, sinec the intro uses loads of
  rendering to texture, so it can eat the fillrate quite much. It should
  run watchable at most parts with a Riva128, Vanta or TNT2 class card,
  but for most parts, a GeForce2 is recommended. And during the testing,
  a Radeon 9500 Pro showed quite nice results too :)
*** BLAH (a.k.a. Gargaj at the keyboard, everybody handsup)
  Well, since writing infofiles is kinda useless these days, considering
  the fact that 90% of the .nfo's are never read, I guess I'll just put a
  list here about the stuff you'll see in the intro (since I guess you are
  either reading this because you can't watch the intro, because your
  videocard is either too fast and you just feel humiliating to run it,
  or you still have a 486 and seem to miss the newest DX9 drivers for your
  nifty Tseng/Trident/S3 card) or you're reading this because you saw
  our last intro and want to ensure that you WON'T get hurt this time.

  OK, here's the deal, what's in T3H 1NTR0:
  - Same weird music, but it's shorter now.
  - Cool scenepoetry (Hehe :)
  - Nicer metaballs, with cool envmap.
  - Same old textures, but this time won't screw up the colors. :)
  - Won't crash under XP this time :) HAHAAAA we b 1337z0rz!!!
  - The usual musicsync and speed as in the prequel.

  Hope you'll love (to hate :) this one as well as the other one :)

  I guess I should also add a greetz-list too, this time it goes to those
  ub3rl33t d00dz0rz on IRC who helped me during the creation process,
  mostly by keeping me alive and trying to persuade me to finish this.
  (Read: If you don't like the intro, they're the ones to blame :))
  So here goes: (in no particular order)
    #demoscene (da LOFASZ kruu)
      BoyC, Zoom, Innocent, padre Vincenzo, Mrc!, Tomcat, Nagz, Remage,
      Pasy, Pontscho (huuu de ideges Poncso bizony), Charlie (o is ideges),
      Nordbasse, Flashy, Talley, Elend, Tranzig, Huf (meg ha linuxer is >:),
      Igor2, Megasys, TrX (nem lesz tobb xaos nyugi :), Slinky, Maxie, Meph,
      Scath/Skygg/Arnyek (nemkivant torlendo), FooLMan, Sha, Kemo, Jimmi,
      Noel, Arn, NikoN, KcG, Reptile, Mrmaim, Greenman, Lorenzo, Robymus,
      Xidius, Snitt, Leaderc, Delilah, Reed

      Tovabba szeretnem kulon megkoszonni annak a par maniakus orultnek, akik
      kepesek voltak beirni engem kedvenc kodernek OJ-n, es/vagy valamikor
      valami olyat mondtak ami jol esett. Sok szerencset tehat Taky-nak,
      Tsg-nek, Tsw-nek es Sampinak, a magyar demoscene jelenlegi legnagyobb
      remenysegeinek. Gyerunk fiuk, ideje lenyomni a Zekszciidet :))
      CoaXCable, Garlick, Gree, Lukkk, Nezbie, Bal, Voxel
      Maali, Dookii, Statique, Ravian, Nisse, Blz, Kenpex, Tmk, Kenet,
      Melwyn, Ciccileju, Stefan, Rez, PS, Noko, Bregade
      Stil (AAALLEEEEZ! \O/), Plek, Jar (T3H 0WNZ0R!), cD_, Fox, Ryg, Ile,
      DiamonDie, Robotriot, Raimo, Dodke, Steffo, Droid, Nosfe, Warp, AK,
      Med, Florent, Kusma, Optimus
      Barock, Thug, Nystep
  (Extra greetz to [AT]Morpheus and Faust von Graven :)

  Multi-Extra party greetz to Sha, Vincenzo, Slinky and most importantly
  Poison/Singular for fixing up a player for my C64-music entry.
  YUO SI TEH BIG _R0XX0R_!!!1!

  Yes, hidden part is included. Find it if you can. If you succeed:
  Gargaj  - gargaj@freemail.hu    - http://umlaut.intro.hu/~gargaj
  Vercy   - megavercy@freemail.hu
  Procyon - procyon@mailbox.hu    - http://umlaut.intro.hu/~procyon

 üd-02: kerti.schlag      http://umlaut.intro.hu      2003 (c) Ümlaüt Design
                        THIS INFOFILE IS 100% RECYCLED
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