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utopia by inf

                   UTOPIA - a hurry demo for TP5 by INF

                       This demo is dedicated to....
                                our self.

                   This demo is also a protest agains...
                        the world as we know it

    Two weeks before The Party'5 we found out that we wanted to
    make something for the demo competition at The Party'95. One
    week before the event between a couple of exams we started
    coding the damn thing so it became quite a hurry project. Some
    late evenings at Snoopy's place and TMK's place and this is the
    result... not quite what we had planed, but it's a demo.

    Eventhough this demo is an artistic masterpiece that has taken
    us many years to develop, it's freeware. In other words, it can
    be freely distributed as long as all the files are included in
    their ORIGINAL form (not modified in any way). No money can be
    charged for this demo (yep, we are kind'a Robin Hoodish).

    Disclaimer: you run this dangerous demo at your own risk.  The
        authours  (that's us in INF)  can  NOT be held lieable for
        any of the usual or unusual damaged caused by this demo.

    The following files should be included... if not, panic, freak
    out,demolish the sysop at the board you've downloaded it from,
    delete the raped version you are  posessing,  and get a decent
    copy of this shit.
    - UTOPIA.EXE    - The demo itself. So if you want to see it, this
                      is the file to execute (please refere to your DOS
                      manual for details about how to execute a program)
    - UTOPIA.NFO    - The information file... since you've allready
                      found this (yep, this is it) we skip the how-to-
                      view-the-file details..
    - FILE_ID.DIZ   - Short description for BBSes. SysOps should know how
                      to use this little thingy. 

    To run this demo, you need a machine with at least
    - 486dx, 486dx2 or faster recommended
    - Math Co-processor required
    - VGA card; VLB or PCI highly recommended
    - 4MB of hard disk space
    - GUS/SB/SBPro/SB16/PAS/PAS16 for music; GUS recommended
        minimum 512kb of GUS memory for GUS
        EMS required for other soundcards
    - 615kb of free DOS memory and 4MB of XMS memory
    - DOS 5.0 or higher with himem.sys installed
    This demo will probably not run very well under multitasking
    enviroments such as DesqView, Windows, Win95, OS/2, nor LINUX.
    This demo may have some syncing problems on slow machines.

    You should keep the following reasons in your mind, that explains
    why this demo really sucks, while watching this demo:
    - Done in a REAL hurry between a couple of exams
    - A murder on TV!
    - A bug
    - BitBrat and Snoopy can't agree about using segments or pointers
    - Bugs
    - "ZZzZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.....z...."
    - Hardware problems with Digitus' computer
    - Hardware problems with TMK's computer
    - Hardware problems with Snoopy's computer
    - Transportation problems
    - Voff!
    - "You see guys... I was sick... " - Sticky
    - We are losers, not wonders of the world.
    - BitBrat made a routine work after his first attempt... used the
      rest of the evening bragging about how effecient he is.
    - "That looks nice... it's bug isn't it?" - TMK
    - BitBrat's first-attempt-working-routine didn't really work...
    - "What's design?"
    - The oven is too damn hot
    - "We are definately not the crew of the future" - ?
    - Our coloursheme is not orange... not even yellow...
    - "Ups... Pizza-to-carbon morphing..." - Digitus
    - And last, but not least, we're INFeriors...
    - Our nuclear computer had some radiation problems during late hours
    - "Out of diskspace" - everybody's computers
    - "COooooKeee! NEeeeD COKE!! COKE COKE!!" - Digitus having a breakdown
    - Problems detecting undetectable errors
    - Got no karma...
    - We can't see the truth since Jamm aren't showing it to us...
    - "Fuq... it's a fuckings pointer!" - Snoopy
    - Internet is much more fun
    - "Need a mental surgery" - TMK
    - Procedure from Snoopy's code: On_shitbastard(...
    - The weather is still not inspiring
    - X-Files on the TV!!!! Hurray!!
    - "Scanner not ready" - TMK's computer
    - BitBrat tried to do some descent code in his own assembler again
    - Some confusion between Sticky and Frog Fuzz
    - Christmas
    - "We don't really need design do we?"
    - More bugs
    - Christmas present shopping
    - "Intel is superb." - White Water
    - "and Win95 is even better." - White Water
    - Stupid commercials
    - The X-files are closed
    - Television (not the demo, but that silly black box with moving
      pictures on).
    - "How to animate a man?" - White Water
    - Unreliable error
    - "BUG!" - Snoopy
    - "Shit... segment? What's wrong with pointers?" - BitBrat
    - Problems with the pizza supply
    - "Pointer.. Segment, who cares?! I don't!" - TMK
    - Even more bugs
    - Sticky's brother made a mess about his modem
    - We are dominated
    - Saw some demos by Nooon/Orange/etc. and thought about giving up.
    - "Don't want to code... it looks ugly anyway" - Twaddler
    - We don't dominate... yet.
    - "TMK's cute dog (Age: Eight weeks)" almost all INF members except TMK
    - "That 'cute' dog just ate your hat Snupi!" - TMK
    - "Ja Durak!" - White Water
    - "IIIiiaiiikk.... BUG BUG!!... What's the time?"
    - Tired!
    - The people behind us in the partybus puked all the way from Norway
      to Denmark
    - BUGS BUGS BUGS!!!!!!

    It hangs!
    -> To little memory for the player... or something. Forget it
       you won't miss it.

    This demo features:
    - Some art... not.
    - Complex vectors... not.
    - Tricky gouraud shading... not.
    - Magic Environment mapping... not.
    - And even some video clips... yes.
    To say it short: this demo features nothing of int. at all.

    For all those technical-detail-maniacs:
    - Coded using TASM and TP/BP, and the complete size of the
      source code is approx ???kb. approx... 10000 lines.
      Files glued together using XLink (which BUGS!)
    - All colour images are drawn (using DP2e).
    - Greyscale images are scanned.
    - Featuring 256c texture + 256c shading/env. using realtime
      dithering that gives us more or less 65535 colours.
    - Yeah, yeah... the water drop and the flight scenes are
      precalced (IVS level1 320x200x256 (using 160x100)):
       - water drop     - David Lynch's "Dune" movie
       - flight scene   - Shots taken at Svalbard in Norway...
      The water drop is called "Real 3D water"... Some of you
      probably missunderstud that and thought it was actually
      calculated REALtime. Well, read the text, it says that
      the water is REAL. And that what it is!
    - The music is a 12ch composed in FT2. The music is played
      back using BWSB soundsystem 1.20.
    - Developed during one week (with exams...)
    - The demo is timed on a standard 486dx2/66mhz with GUS and
      et4000w32p (vlb) with dos62/qemm. It has been testen
      successfully on the following systems... er... no time
      to test..sjit sjit.. The compo machine was a Pentium anyway.

    Detailed credits:
     - All music by Sticky
     - All graphics and pictures by TMK
     - Backgrounds by White Water
     - 3D objects by White Water and TMK + public objects
     - Video digitizing performed by TMK and White Water
     - Video conversion by BitBrat and White Water
     - Coding:
        System code and linking by Snoopy
        360ø bitmap wrapper fx by Twaddler
        3D and bitmap effects by TMK
        IVS (INF Video System) 0.2á by BitBrat and Digitus
        Phong engine by Twaddler
        IDX (INF DOS Extender) 0.1á by Digitus
        - BWSB sound player
        - XLinker by Jinx!/TC

    Handle:        Name:                Task:         Born:
    - BitBrat      Andreas Aa. Hanssen  Code/Music    1978
    - Calvin       Anders B. Ervik      Music/Code    1978
    - Digitus      Terje Strand         Code          1976
    - Dizz         Markus Bakka Hjert›  Code          1977
    - Dominei      Reid Hauke T›nnesen  Music         1977
    - Frog Fuzz    Bernard Lesoil       Music         1978
    - Purav        Espen Kristiansen    Code          1976
    - Snoopy       Kjetil Sjulsen       Code/NW/Sysop 1977
    - Sticky       Frode Helgesen       Music         1976
    - TMK          Tom M. Kalland       Gfx/Code/Org. 1977
    - Twaddler     yvind Neuman        Code          1978
    - White Water  Morten Z. Berglie    Gfx/3Dmodel   1977

    You may contact us....
    By calling our cute little WHQ: GeniPig (+47)66779464

    Sending snailmail: INF
                       0strevei 77
                       N-1315 NES0YA

    Using e-mail: berne@infolink.no (Frog Fuzz)
                  ww@bigblue.no (White Water)

    or use the common Daskmig contact channels (emails etc.)

    Money and equipment donations may be sent to our snailmail
    address above. :) 

    Special thanks to:
        Thorstein Seim for providing a video digitalizer.

    We all greet (merry xmas and a happy new year.. habbla...):
        Sorrox, Xenon Development, Twilight Zone Software, Sub Logic,
        Condenz, Darkzone, Gollum, Proxima.. etc., Rest of the Daskmig
        staff and All Daskmig readers!

    Personal greetings...
     - Snoopy greets:
        All members of INF(special shjalom to Twaddler),Kravitz,Credex,
        G-Pig/PH,Blue Master/PH,Hybris,Easty,Oce,Astor,and everybody else!
     - TMK happens to greet (in insane random order):
        All other INF members in all divisions,Hybris,the rest of
        the Daskmig staff,Easty,Kaiowa,Steff,Gizmo,Ranxerox,Pnut,
        Mini-Morris-man",Froyner'n,TS,BlueMaster,Isabella in Goldeneye
        (I'm nicer than Bond... I think),my M&M cousins,Jaws,Gpig,
        my dog(voff?),my tortoise(...),Santaclaus(I wish for a Pentium
        Pro next year!),Cyrano,Credex,all the dead people,my teachers
        (for teaching me what hate means),my classmates(for being such
        a bunch of subindividuals),my goldfish in Japan,you,all the
        beautifull girls on this sjitty globe... :)
      - White Water greets:
        Almost all INF members :),All comerades in the former CCCP,
        My Dog,Anders,Alexander,Thomsen,"Goldocean",Odd-Arne,Kravitz,
        Credex,Hybris,Easty,BlueMaster,The Real Lord Vader,Han Solo,
        all Elven Kings out there and some nazzsty hobbitezz.
     - Twaddler greets:
        ...?... We don't have time for that Twaddler... no time. Sorry,
        but he probably greets you and everybody else.

Closing words...
 Iiiik.... writing this sjit 30 mins before deadline, and the stupid
 thing bugs.... HELP! HELP! Fuq...

An inferior INF production for The Party'95 demo compo... no time.. bug.
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