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CC2020 Invitation by Excess Team

| Full name of work: CC2020 invitation
| Compo: Oldschool
| Size: ~85Kb
| Requirements: Elektronika BK0011M + Covox
| Contacts: adam@bazaroff.com

| First shown on "CC 2020 winter"

| Code: Adam Bazaroff/Excess team
| Sound edit: Manwe/SandS
| Original soundtrack: Romulus 3 by Romolo "Rom" Di Prisco

| Video: https://youtu.be/muxZMYryBmU

Windows: gid BK emulator http://gid.pdp-11.ru
	1. Choose "БК0011М + SMK" in Configuration
	2. Опции (Options) > Настройки эмулятора (Emulator preferences)
	3. Press [...] and browse to "cc2020.hdi" in "HDD Master Path HDD0". Press "Сохранить изменения" (Save changes)
	4. Be sure, that Covox is enabled in Options [Num 8]
	5. After reseting you will see AN-DOS, then press space key and run "CC2020.EXE"
	6. Enjoy

macOS: BK2010 java emulator https://bitbucket.org/alex_tishin/bk2010_releases/downloads/ 

	1. Move "cc2020.bkd" file to "files" folder.
	2. Select BK0011M in "Machine type" and Screen size in "More..."
	2. Check "Mount" and browse to "cc2020.bkd" in "Drive A:"
	3. Press Start Emulator
	4. After loading MK-DOS you will see cc2020 folder (If not, press Reset [ctrl+F11]). Go there and run "cc2020.exe"
	5. Enjoy

	PS. Music plays faster on some macOS (or maybe Java?) versions :(


cc2020.img — HDD image for "burn" CF/SD card to real computer.
*.bin files — you can put them to your own image with BKDE tool or convert to WAV for loading on real computer.

| More BK stuff on our Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvUv_-dSuj9a5O7fCcu4_Rw
| BK0010/11M addicted telegram channel: https://t.me/bk0010_11m
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