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Feedback #9 by void

               Void presents Feedback #9 - Assassin Special

               A music-disk released at GERP 2020 in Sweden.

         Featuring unreleased tunes by Assassin/Void and Zadd/DMX

    Previously intended to be included in the music disk Digital Scream

                Code by Strife/Void and Loaderror/Ephidrena

       Graphics by Powerslave/Void (intro) and Rahow/Rebels (panel)

                    Music by Assassin/Void and Zadd/DMX

                     Editing and Packing by Puni/Void

                        Editing by Powerslave/Void

                           Want to contact Void?

                    Puni/Void - punivoid@protonmail.com

                    Void WHQ - amigavoid.wordpress.com
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