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Mona in 345 bytes by Resistance [web]

"Mona in 345 bytes"
A small SNES demo by Revenant/Resistance
Made in a weekend for Demosplash 2019, Pittsburgh, PA, USA

This is a remake/port of an original 250-byte Atari XL demo by Ilmenit:

The original Atari version uses 250 bytes; this version uses exactly 345
(128 bytes data + 215 bytes code + 2-byte reset vector). Similar to the
C64 port by Graham/Oxyron, this version is slightly larger than the original
due to a lack of built-in screen/graphics routines on the SNES.

Tested on NTSC hardware (with sd2snes). Should also work fine with most popular
emulators (except for ZSNES).

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