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Finding a Broken Heart Piece Underneath Your Soul by Minimalartifact [web]

# minimalartifact_-_finding_a_broken_heart_piece_underneath_your_soul

minimalartifact demo compo entry for Inércia Demoparty 2019

Code, music, DDG art, subtitles: [ps](http://tpolm.org/~ps)

Tested on Chrome and Firefox.

Needs local http webserver running to load the audio buffer.

If you have node http-server globally installed you can just call `http_server_launch.bat`
If you don't you need to install node and execute `npm -g http-server` before that.
The demo page will be available on `http://localhost:8080`

If you're a python person:
you can do `python3 -m http.server` if you have version 3.x
or `python -m SimpleHTTPServer` if you have version 2.x
The demo page will be available on `http://localhost:8000`

Or if you don't like setting up local web servers, you can access
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