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Gerbera Quarry by Moppi Productions

** The Story

To see the events which took place before this game, 
check out Moppi Productions' demo Gerbera. 

** The Game
Your goal is to guide the given amount of robots to their 
home nest. You can accomplish this by giving the robots 
commands to dig or pile blocks of land land. From time 
to time some blocks are falling from the sky. If a robot 
is very angry or stuck, it will be destroyed. Their only 
way to protect from the smash of a falling block is to 
carry a block of land. 

** The three tribes of the robots. 
You can please the robots by giving them commands. A completed 
task will raise their mood. When you command one robot of 
certain tribe, the other tribes will get more angry. Also if 
you dig a block of land from other tribe's land, they will 
get mad. 

** The User Interface
Task Meter
The number of these bulbs shows how many commands you can give 
to certain tribe at one time. Each lit bulb means an ordered 
command which is being done. 

** Tribe Mood Meter
These meters measures the mood of the tribe. Depending on your 
actions the meters will go up or down. If the robots are very 
sad, they will take to control of their own, and start stealing 
the land blocks from other robots and digging land randomly. 

You can select the active tribe by pressing one of these meters. 

** Undo Button
The Undo Button lets you undo the commands you have ordered. 

** Goal
The goal text shows you how many robots you have saved and 
how many there are still to go. 

** Task Buttons
These two buttons let you give commands to the robots. 

** Task Flag
When you press the mouse button on a block of land, a Task 
Flag will be raised there. There are some where spots you cannot 
dig or pile. Those spots has different appearance. 

** Home Nest
Your task is to lead all the robots to their own Home Nests. 
Each tribe has it's own nest. Every time you can get one robot 
to it's net the nest will get higher. 

** System Requirements
The minimum requirements with minimum rendering details is a 
GeForce1 or similar 3D accelerator with 500MHz processor. 
The game runs at full detail with a GeForce3 with 1500MHz 

** Credits
The game by Mikko Mononen <memon@inside.org>, 
Music loops by Sumo Lounge

Copyright © 2002 Mikko Mononen and Kylpyamme Design
Uses FMOD sound system, and INTEL JPEG library 
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