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Compofiller Compound by All You Can Execute

AYCE presents to you our brand new product... COMPOFILLER COMPOUND?

No entries in your compo?
No spice in your life?
Parents don't love you?

You need AYCE!

Apply directly to all orifices
AYCE not responsible for eye or ear damage associated with consuming this product.

Included in this archive is the demo (compofillercompound.tic) as well as the tic80 executable.
1.  Please run the tic80 executable.
2.  When the command prompt becomes available, type 'folder' to open the cart repository.
3.  Move 'compofillercompound.tic' into this folder.
4.  Return to tic80 prompt and type 'surf'
5.  Find 'compofillercompound', press 'Z' to select, and enjoy!

------  AYCE STAFF -----
This wonderful product brought to you by:
tfx (code,design)
pigu (code)
deved (code)
zlew (music)
doctor (gfx)
robyn (music)
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