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Infinity by Holocaust [web]

SommarHack 2019 Starfield Compo:


Basic version using up about all the
available memory on a 520 ST. Nothing
left for music or anything. But it
starts immediately and you don't wait
long to get a screen full of stars.
This is basically the same effect as
what we did in Japtro back in 1993
but this one runs with half a meg.


This more advanced version plots
multiple dots for each star to make it
look more dynamic. If your starfield
looks static in a screenshot then you
are doing it wrong! Also it uses color
palette tricks to virtually double the
amount of available memory for the
screens. And then it has a great logo
from Mic/Dune (I always always always
felt bad about not using it in Blood).
And then it has a great module by
Julius (Lemon Announce part 2). The
module player uses up pretty much all
the CPU time but overall this version
is much more enjoyable.

- Zappy/HC, 2019

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