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Level Forty One Point Niner by Ephidrena

Level 41 by Ephidrena

Partyhack for the Atari ST demo compo
 at SillyVenture 2018

Code++:  Nerve
Music:   Frequent
Pixels:  Cheetah

Should run on any Atari 1040 STE.
1024Kb RAM or more...

Also bundled is the music in its
original MaxYMizer/SNDH format.


We appreciate: 
Aggression, Avena, Dekadence, DHS, 
Evolution, Escape, Extream, KuA,
Mystic Bytes, New Beat, PHF, 
Reservoir Gods, SMFX, you!


So, we were working on a bigger
production, but tragedy hit my family
and things fell apart. We still went
to SillyVenture, and when there we
felt like putting a little something
together for the compos. Turns out that
extensively using malloc's in TOS below
2.6 is a really bad idea (!), and so we
had an epic failure on the big screen
(having it run in an emulator and then
having Windows screen saver pop up
on top of that - it was just painful).

Anyway, we wanted to finish it, but
days turned to weeks turned to months.
Here it is, no more memory trouble.
Still very rough around the edges,
unfinished graphics (sorry Cheetah!)
and more.

You have not seen the last of this!

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