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ImPerfect by Satantronic [web]


			     party (buggy) version

                                512 bytes intro


                              -XI- / Satantronic


                           Atari Falcon 060 (FPU + VGA)

				   released at

			  Sommarhack 2019 Grado / Sweden

		                   Idea: -XI-

                     First idea came in my dream in 2012 :)
                   I was dreaming about this simple 3D effect
               and in my dream it was very simple and effective.
                         After few of these same dreams, 
                   I made first proof of concept in C# on PC,
        and I was surprised because (You know, in dream you can fly, ...)
                  it proved the functionality and simplicity.

              First 030 and 68882 code I did on back seat in car
                       on the trip to SillyVenture 2012.
                   Thanks to Romi and Sedma for driving car
         and MiKRO for help with instruction syntax, especially of FPU.

                                   Code: -XI- 

                              In September 2018, 
        I finished my imperfect but short (now 102B) routine for TC line,
                 so I decided to rewrite this effect from scratch,
		            with 525b PRG as result.                                  
               And finally 402b PRG after some days of optimization. 
               I planned to add some more effects to make 4k intro, 
                           but I failed on music :( 
                     So I decided to release it as 512b intro.

                                   Music: -XI-
             Few horrible sounds :) as result of lack of musician :(
          505 was busy and there was no answer from Zerkman and Gwem :(

			      Music Replayer: -XI-

                           Based on XBIOS DoSound().
                  My completely first and very short experience 
                          with sound on Atari Falcon.

                                  Greetings to:

                       Atari.sk, Agenda, Aggression, Avena, 
                             Bit Busters, Blowjobb, 
                          Checkpoint, Cobra, Coolgirls,
                          D-Bug, Dekadence, DHS, Dune, 
                             Effect, Elite, Extream, 
                                Lamers, LineOut, 
                           MadTeam, MEC, MJJ Prod, MSB, 
                                New Beat, NG, NoCrew, 
                             Paradox, P.H.A.T., PHF,  
                                 Reservoir Gods, 
                                Sector One, SMFX, 
                     Taquart, TBL, T.O.Y.S., Tristesse, TSCC


                   everyone who still supports Atari demoscene.

                                     __  __
                                    /  \/  \
                                    \      /
                                     \    /
                                      \  /

                                xi [o] atari.sk  


                        Kosice / Slovakia    06.07.2019

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