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Black Silk by Analogue


    (c) 1997 by Hugo Habets (hugo) & Jeroen Tel (WAVE) / Analogue
    "black silk" 64kb intro released at assembly '97, helsinki, finland
    all rights reserved. intro may be spread in any way including CD-ROM
    as long as no extra charge is made for the including of the intro.

    system recommended:
    .Pentium 166+
    .GUS or compatible soundcard (special sb version available, >64kb)
    .VESA compatible VGA with 320x200x24b LFB or 320x200x15b LFB videomode
    .OS in MS-DOS mode
    system at least requires:
    .32-bit CPU
    .4Mb memory
    .fast FPU
    .VGA (minimum gives 320x200x64-grays)
    special thanks:
    .magic boy / SUPERSTITION for timing the intro + Soundblaster version.
    .simm for trying to optimise the raytracer and for releasing the intro
    .assembly organisation (it's been one year since I won the asm'96 4kb compo,
     don't you think it's about time to give the prize-money?)
    .Tuukka Paavola & family
    .analogue members
    .the peric & calimero
    .sceners I know
    .groups: superstition, the black lotus, nooon, complex, dubius, ackme,
             realtech and all other respectable groups

                    pure enjoyment can be packed into 64kb

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