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Extent musicdisk01 by Extent Of The Jam


Special thanks to:
Shayde, Rogue and Void for their awesome RADTracker 2! And Shayde for coding
advice, too.

Greets go to all you Sound Shockers and funky chiptune rockers. Keep it 
demoscene out there.

Yeah, I was going to put this on as a scrolly, but I didn't want to spend the
time to further optimize my font blitter! 

1 - 1:1 vsync mode (default)
2 - PAL (sync to music player, framedrop, no vsync) -- for slower systems
ESC - Quit
R - Toggle repeat mode on/off

This should run like butter on a 486 DX2 66mhz. Lower-spec systems might 
want to use the second refresh option.

The musicdisk sounds great on a Creative soundchip, but a real Yamaha OPL3
is recommended. If your soundcard says YMF262 on it, you're good to go. I
do recommend against using DOSBox as its OPL3 emulation is somewhat incomplete.
But, I included the RAD files so you can listen to it on RADTracker 2, which
has a fine OPL3 emulator that they wrote. I mean, you'd just rip them anyway,
right? :D I may upload all the tracks recorded off of real hardware soon.

Influences: I was listening to a lot of Chaka Khan and Judas Priest when I
did this musicdisk. I was also blasting the excellent Velocity 2X soundtrack.
Other influences are Herbie Hancock, the Thunderforce IV soundtrack (double
track that FM guitar!!), Lizardking, El Mobo, and you might find a nod to 
Maniacs of Noise in there somewhere, too ;)

Well, I've gotta release this at SOME point, right? Time to upload this beast
:) Otherwise I'll just obsess over details forever...

- Extent of the Jam 

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