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Last Night at SunSpirou's by Wursthupe

                         "Last Night at SunSpirou's"

a JavaScript animated 2D adventure movie filled with action and suspense!

The graphics tablet was masterfully mutilated by kaomau.
Code was coerced into compliance by T$ and dojoe.
Your speakers have been skillfully swung by Mr. Saga Musix.

We greet SVatG, Nuanse!, Abyss-Connection, Jumalauta, Mercury, Eos, TiTAN,
SceneSat, Schnappsgirls, Digital Overflow, Logicoma, 5711, Poo-Brain, Xayax,
Alcatraz, LNX, Altair, Ninjadev, Spacepigs, AttentionWhore, Speckdrumm, 
Otaku Brigade, SquoQuo, Epoch, Digital Demolition Krew, Digital Sounds System,
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