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Message to NVidia by PoroCYon

                "Message to NVidia"
                  by PoroCYon/K2

A silly thing I made for the Nordlicht 2018 512b compo in a single
evening. (for those who don't know:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iYWzMvlj2RQ )

Requirements: sh, xz-utils, espeak or speech-dispatcher
All of these should be installed by default on Ubuntu.

How to run: start 'prod-speechd' or 'prod-espeak' in a terminal.

NOTE: if you're using the speechd version, and the speech-dispatcher
daemon isn't running yet, there'll be a delay of about a second for the
voice to show up. It should be OK if you run it a second time.

Greets to:
        Alkama - Blackle - Faemiyah - LFT - Mankind - Monad
        Nordlicht orgas - p2 (it's nothing personal!) and
        the rest of RBBS - Quadtrip - Rohtie - Shiz - YOLP - yx
            ... and truck?

        and everyone at Nordlicht

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