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blocker by Haujobb

   -  b  l  o  c  k  e  r  -

                by haujobb

  a video by sensenstahl with
          music by virgill

  background/making of: i had
  the idea for quite a while,
  a result of matt^hjb asking
  if i can make a logo out of
  stone. then i thought:  why
  not use this for a prod and
  a little giveaway?

  after finding / getting the
  logos  i simply  decided to
  sandblast  them  instead of
  using a chisel - more  time
  to code and write ;) i made
  screenshots, grabbed images
  of the logos, upscaled  and
  copied them all by  putting
  a  sheet  of  paper  on  my
  screen drawing the outlines
  with a pencil.

  i cut the  blocks,  grinded
  their surface+put sandblast
  stencil on it + copied  the
  logos+cut them out.  then i
  sandblasted them  and  gave
  the limestone  another  rub
  with sand paper to  enhance
  the natural color.

  having  managed to make the
  stones i  played  with some
  more or less good ideas.  i
  decided to  keep it  simple
  and took what  i had laying
  around - a feather,  a book
  bound in leather, some  own
  paintings and old paper. by
  using  a  lamp  for  better
  light i  took  the shots in
  about 10 minutes. combining
  them in movie maker to have
  a first result to work with
  i asked virgill if he might
  be interested  to make  the
  music for it. he did and  i
  decided to make  this thing
  a haujobb release using the
  logo as  opener.  and  that
  was it.

  a few  more  greets  fly to
  preacher, stingray, kuemmel
  hellmood,  hardy,  digimind
  big mozarello, ferris,  wbc
  g0blinish,   tomcat^abaddon
  britelite,the demozoo staff
  cocoon, ivory labs,ninjadev
  prismbeings, desire, m 'n m
  ipggi of defacto2,unchained
  hodor and  every hjb member
          + all sizecoders
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