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Production by Dekadence [web]

# Production by Dekadence

A demo for iPhone by Ricky Martin, cobbled together in a few evenings. I had circa 6-8 hours in total to work on this, so I'm pretty happy with it considering the circumstances. Not quite what I had in mind, though. I'll try do that next.

Best viewed on an iPhone X. Apple's piece of shit digital video adapter is terrible at showing this over HDMI, and Quicktime can't record this without dropping half the frames (and some parts entirely). Oh well.

Released in the demo compo at Instanssi 2018, and came 7th.

This demo also integrates with Instanssi's light system. That work exists in the [feature/instanssi_lights](https://github.com/superjohan/production/tree/feature/instanssi_lights) branch. Huge thanks to Waffle for helping me work it out.
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