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Realtech Module Player v1.19 by Realtech [web]

 Welcome to the world of the Sound and Multimedia with 

      ±±±±±      ²²²²²²     ÛÛÛÛ
      ±±° ±±°   ²²°²²°²²°  ÛÛ± ÛÛ±
      ±±±±±±±°  ²²°²²°²²°  ÛÛ± ÛÛ±                              (tm)
      ±±°  ±±°  ²²°   ²²°  ÛÛÛÛÛ±        REALTECH MODULE PLAYER
      ±±°  ±±°  ²²°   ²²°  ÛÛ±    (C) REALTECH Software Section. 1994
					      text rev1.4


þ RMP is a module player using DSMI (stand for Digital Sound Music Interface)
  using the same features as DMP (from Otto Chrons) but using graphics
  user interface (REALwin (tm) interface).

  MOUSE SUPPORT and many functions for a better listening of your modules.
  All on nice GRAPHICS featuring.

  This player aims to give, more COMFORT for the eyes and for the ears with
  an easy interface, using only best routines ! (like 386 instructions set).
  Many players claims they are written in pure ASM but the interface is
  generally heavy, not intuitive at all. In RMP you can control nearly 
  everything without using the keyboard ! Do you know many players which can
  do this ?

þ This program is totally FREE, that is, you may distribute it freely as
long as you don't charge any fee for it and if you want to continue using it,
send me a postcard for example. Don't send money please !

þ Legal stuff:   If this program does anything, don't work or damage your
		 computer, or yourself, well ... and I'm not responsible.
		 run it at you own risks.

þ Requirement:   386 or better, 2Mb 
		 486VLB with 4Mb optimal (displaying uses T32VIDEO algorithms
		 (tm) and they are optimal with (32bit transfers) 
		 for local bus VGA video card. (SVGA recommanded for GIF 
		 loading) A sound card : SB16,PAS16,WSS,Aria,AudioTrix, 
		 and GUS (but no Surround !).
		 CD ROM (for playing CDs (optionnal)).
		 with SBPRO/SB16 , for sound card mixer feature.
		 some EMS for music and XMS for graphics.
		 ... some goods modules, FLI and CDs !

  DSMI capabilities : 
  þ  Uses Digital Sound Music Interface (best quality available on Pc's).
     Pratically never overhead unlike most player written in pure ASM.
  þ  First, no need to disable QEMM or something like that, RMP still fast
     even with EMS manager (even on a 386sx20 at 22Khz on Sound Blaster !).
  þ  True 16bit quality with quality mode.
  þ  Optimized 486 intructions for mixing.
  þ  Supports: MOD (4->8 channel), NST, S3M, MTM, FAR, STM & AMF files.  
     (669 format will be supported when bug fixed!)
  þ  Massive list of sound cards (GUS, SB16, PAS, WWS and many other !).
     with optimized routines.
  þ  Surround Pro Logic and Stereo panning control.

  And REALTECH Windows Interface :

  þ  Easy 'point and click' interface.
  þ  in-line command line OR using windows for loading song.
  þ  Automatic list of selected module and direct access to them.
  þ  Can handle huge directories and songs (depending only of the memory !)
     with file manager (copy and delete files)
  þ  Features delete,random playing, intro scan in a list of modules
  þ  Build-in RIPPER sample (not for GUS ..yet) and playing sample in Surround
  þ  can play FLI and GIF (GIF showed in 640x480 SVGA, many video card 
  þ  CD ROM audio player.
  þ  SB-PRO / SB-16 Mixer.
  þ  Optimised graphic routines in pure ASM 386 for display and C++ for 
     files & memory managements.
  þ  EMS support for music and XMS for the interface. (play large modules !)
  þ  System infos with video board detection and CPU (detects Pentium).
     and memory resources.
  þ  DSP data read for SB16ASP (can play modules and see input signal for 
     the CD output )
  þ  Modular, RMP will have more functions in the future !
   RMP is a stand-alone program anyway you can add some parameters.

   [] are optionnals parameters

   RMP [<modules>] [options] [@<filename>]

   <modules>   : wilcards (*) are accepted (ie: RMP *.mod *.S3M smnogood.mtm)
   -Sxxxxx     : set sampling rate at <rate> Hz (you can do -S44 for 44 khz)
   -Q          : enable quality mode
   -O          : play once and exit
   -A          : Autoplay mode disabled
   -Txxxxx     : buffer size (increase it for lower system)
   -Bxxxx      : EMS allocation : 0Kb : no EMS , else EMS for music
		 (1024Kb by default)
   -Fx         : Force autodetection for sound card family:
		1: Gravis 2:Pro Audio 3:Aria 4:Sound Blaster 5:PC speaker
		other:normal autodetect.
   -E          : enable old tempos
   -Gxxx       : default amplication
   -W          : disable SVGA detection (can fix troubles with RMP)
   -Nxx        : default panning.

   @<filename>: read <filename> like a list and load modules

   of course, you can run RMP stand alone , but you should write a bat like

   RMP -q -B512 -F4 -S44 %1 %2


  þ  DSMI is not compatible with OS/2. (you can run it but music won't play)
     this problems is due to VDS (Virtual DMA Specifications) which are
     not handled bu this operating system.
  þ  for instance, RMP autodetects the sound board, you cannot force
     IRQ or DMA. (but you can try the -Fx function instead (see below)).
     if doesn't work, try DMP instead.
  þ  GIF loader requires (a lot of) XMS, watch SYSTEM INFORMATIONS.
     if you run out memory use -Bxxxx function for less EMS and more XMS.
  þ  for SAMPLE ripper, you can't rip sample with a GUS
     (bug will be fixed later). because sample are stored on the board
     (anyway, how can I test it).
  þ  Surround don't work on Gus because the sound card does the mixing
     but can't handle the Surround !
  þ  Watch DSMI version in HELP/ABOUT... for others known bugs and refers
     to DMP.REV. (RMP is like DMP 2.92)
  þ  if uses QEMM, add DMA=128 if you have a single speed CD-ROM and 16bit
     sound card.
     (due a bug of 16bits DMA controller ).
  þ  With some computer, RMP won't run at all. Well, it's maybe due of lack
     of memory (type MEM to see if you have EMS with your SB)
  þ  Sound Blaster and Gravis have a environement variable called
     BLASTER or ULTRASND. RMP uses theses variables. ***** IT'S SOLVE 99%
  þ  If your screen is black at launching, use -W (disable SVGA detection)
     It's solve about 99% of the problems


  Q :  Does RMP supports SB-AWE32 ?
  R :  Yes, I tested it and it works fine. In fact, it works like an SB16
  Q :  My screen flick with psycho option 
  R :  all palette operations use interrupt 10H function 1012H. 
       On some video card, this function doesn't work properly (due an
       HARDWARE BUG). So you can use slow palette operation by using 
       Flick Bug in EXTERN menu.
  Q :  track of CD AUDIO are wrong.
  R :  Yes, the time is very approximative. It will be fixed later.     

   we are looking for more DIST SITE, contact us !

   You can find RMP and newest version on :

   Belgium :
   TETSUO BBS (24/24h 7/7days) (+32) 2 772 52 29

   or write to REALTECH 

   EXECOM c/o Stephane DENIS
   61 via d'Auxelles 
   90000 BELFORT

   If you want a commercial demo (specially for FRANCE and SCHWITZERLAND)
   thanks to call at number (+33) 81 54 08 81.  

   All the staff of REALTECH : TOAL KNOR, GUEN for graphics and testing.
   We hope to release more fine products and show that > FRENCH < people
   CAN do great programs !

   Some Greetings goes to 
   other demo-GROUPS that we like
   and MUSICIANS for their compos

   watch out our musik disk for Christmas and our next demo for the PARTY
   (awesome vectors !)

   and TESTUO sysop who was the first to support us !

							     Stephane DENIS
							       (aka EXECOM)
						   REALTECH coder/organizer

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