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CRTC³ by Flower Corp. & Futurs [web] & X-men

                 C R T C ³

            Amstrad CPC 6128+
            NO expansion card
             Enhanced colors
            Subpixel accurate
              SID soundtrack

       use a real machine if you can
         to enjoy full framerate

        main code: roudoudou
      player code: Zik*
         main GFX: hwikaa
  additionnal GFX: fra / coyhot / roudoudou
       soundtrack: Zik
  additionnal SFX: zisquier

  3rd parties GFX:

 serval courtesy of jprart from deviantart
 alchimie cat courtesy of Cicile/TripleA
 endscroll font by Jenna Sue (registered)

  3rd parties softwares:

*DMA player inspired by OVL AYC player
 exomizer decrunch by MetalBrain

     contact us on cpcwiki forum


        About the CPC vs CPC+

             no textmode
             Z80 <1 mips
            graphic modes
          768x272  2 colors
          384x272  4 colors
          192x272 16 colors
 Sound AY          | Sound AY + DMA
 27 colors         | 4096 colors
 scroll hard word  | scroll hard pixel
 almost fixed INT  | programmable INT
 no hard sprite    | 16 sprites*
 256 ROM           | 128 ROM + 32 cartridge ROM

*with dedicated memory, no offset trick

            Challenge us!

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