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Datafresh by Loonies [web] & Darklite [web]

Datafresh by Loonies & Darklite - a C64 4k for Datastorm Summer 2017

Code by Blueberry
Music by Response

Tools used for development:

Shadertoy, Sublime Text, Kick Assembler, GoatTracker, Exomizer,
WinVICE, C64Debugger, 1541 Ultimate II.

Coding this intro has been a personal journey, going from knowing
almost nothing about C64 demo coding (did a lot of BASIC coding
back in the days, but only using the simplest PEEKs and POKEs) to
a released C64 production in less than 100 days. It's been an
obsession, and it's been a lot of fun!

Thanks to people who published resources on C64 coding, including:
- The Ultimate Commodore 64 Talk by Michael Steil
- CPU and register reference tables by Oxyron
- The VIC Article by Christian Bauer
- The VIC Timing Chart by LFT
- Timer-based stable raster code by Hermit Soft
- Multiplication code by White Flame
- Repeating char-lines code by HCL
- Various other introductory texts found on Codebase 64

Special thanks to Ferris for deciding to debut on C64 at the same
time as me, and for great newbie-to-newbie discussions. Also thanks
to Arzak for lending me his 1541 Ultimate II and network adapter.

Greetings to everybody who get that special back-to-the-childhood
feeling when working with C64 or Amiga. :)
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