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Radio Hits by theEND

                            theEnd Productions

                    T H E . E N D . R A D I O . H I T S

                             for Z'97 democompo


   code ....... hC
   music ...... Monaco's, Starf0x, SledgeHammer and hC
   gfx ........ hC and navigator's cache directory
   midas ...... s2
   pmodew ..... tran and daredevil

   Info [hC]

   this is the party version. it was only tested on my own machine (it's
   a 486 DX4 120mhz with a sound bastard pro deluxe2, 16mb ram and a PCI
   video card).
   the compo machine couldn't run it correctly and I don't know why. It
   was a Pentium 166mhz with GUS MAX (1mb) and a fast PCI video card.
   I'll try to find out what's wrong and then I'll probably release a
   final version.


   file           size     function          info

   RADIO    EXE - 174 kb - executable file - pmwlite rules
   ANNEDAY  DAT - 611 kb - data file       - anne marie and dayana macarena
   GUIMARES DAT - 372 kb - data file       - guimares funk dancer
   BBRULES  DAT - 375 kb - data file       - BB rules at night
   LAGARTO  DAT - 357 kb - guess what      - Lagartao Organizing inc.
   RADIO    NFO -   1 kb - this file       - knowledge isn't useless

   Those stupid filenames were choosed to greet the people that helped
   me a lot while organizing the party or creating my demo.

   Greetings [hC]

   theEnd dudes (tnx for everything), Fremen, Thunder, Rorshack, Guimares,
   Lagartao, BB, Anne Marie and Dayana (the dancing girls), Dj Fly, Fred,
   Kowalski, Lunatico, Guilherme, Ayel, Fimose, Carol and everybody at Z.

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